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With over 25 years of experience in the commercial underfloor heating market, and in partnership with manufacturers such as Multitubo Systems of Germany, Multipipe has the product, technical knowledge, support and pricing to provide the best in commercial & domestic underfloor heating systems. Multipipe's external technical sales team working in conjunction with an in-house technical and design team can provide which ever solution is required for your specific project, working with you from inception to completion and beyond.

Multipipe 2018 UFH System Guide & Pricing

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Multipipe UFH Install Guide

Multipipe UFH Retro-Fit Screed Board Install Guide

Technical Support

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Technical and design support from project conception to completion. A full range of solutions both commercial and domestic available.


Competitve pricing, full range of pipes, manifolds, commercial and domestic controls systems. Full technical and design support provided, both on-site and over the phone. Fully designed, complete systems or component only sales.

Multipipe Commercial Underfloor Heating

  • Complete Quotations & Design (BSEN Standards) Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Highest quality European Sourced Components
  • MLCP, Pe-X, Pe-RT, PB Pipes available
  • Range of manifolds
  • Full range of commercial and domestic control solutions









Retro-Fit Screed Board System

Retro-Fit Screed Board panels utilise an 18mm high density dry screed board, which acts as a heat conducting surface, transferring the heat from the pipes to the heated floor above.

Once up to temperature, it delivers sufficient heat output to provide warm and even ambient temperatures within the living space. The best floor coverings to combine with the Retro-Fit Screed Board panels, are hard surfaces such as stone and tile, as they offer the least resistance to heat transfer compared to carpets.

Retro-fit Screed Board

The main benefit of the Retro-Fit Screed Board panel is the option for the direct application of tiles (subject to structural integrity), as it can be applied directly with the use of flexible adhesive. However, in most instances, a 4 to 6mm ply cover is recommended prior to tiling. When floor coverings such as carpet are to be fitted, the system design must factor in the extra heat output that will be needed; this loss in output needs to be negated by increasing the flow temperature.


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