NEW Smart Manifold

Multipipe launch innovative SMART manifold

Unique smart manifold enables user to set temperature on each individual circuit

Multipipe has launched an innovative control system for all types of hot water heating systems. This exciting Smart manifold is unique as it allows the user the opportunity to adapt each outlet to the temperature for each individual circuit of pipe. The maximum temperature applicable is 80°C with a minimum temperature of 7°C for cooling applications. This all in one compact system is compatible with all high and low temperature generators.

This unique manifold can accommodate mixed supply temperature whole house heating installations from the same manifold including underfloor heating with radiators, towel rails or trench heating removing the need for 2 or more manifolds. Further it can also serve a mixed floor construction underfloor heating system such as screed floors mixed with timber suspended or overlay solutions. It can even allow for localised high output areas where traditionally pipe pitches are reduced.

The smart manifold offers great benefits including:

  • simplifying system design for architects and engineers
  • removing the need for complex system control components such as mixing valves, dedicated high and low temperature distribution, balancing valves, separate radiator manifolds etc.
  • quiet functionality ensuring it can be used in every room
  • managing change in floor finishes: the manifold can be adjusted to allow a tiled floor to be carpeted – will require an increase in flow temp of that circuit.
  • accommodating differing floor constructions such as a mix of timber joisted, overlay and screeded floors

Mike Young, Managing Director of Multipipe, said:

“This new smart manifold uses exciting technology that further revolutionises heating installations. We believe that this unique precision technology has the capability to save installers time and money on projects by enabling them to set individual circuit temperatures.”

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smart manifold

NEW Rio Heating Controls

We are delighted to introduce our NEW menu-riorange Control Range to our product offering!

We provide a range of room temperature controls (thermostats) to optimize the operating efficiency of your underfloor heating (UFH) system and provide the flexibility to independently control each room or heating zone.  These thermostats can be either:

  • 230-volt hard wired
  • 24-volt hard wired
  • Wireless radio controlled
  • Smart Home

Call our dedicated team to find our more and download the menu-riorange catalogue HERE

Rio Flyer March 2018





We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest Systems Guide for 2018.  Alongside our usual high quality product offerings in the MLCP and UFH markets, we have a number of new additions to the product offering:-

  • We are delighted to introduce our new range of menu-riorange  controls – these include SMART compatible products that can be controlled with an app on your smartphone.

Group Image Rio


  • Stainless steel underfloor heating and radiator manifolds with 20% better flow rate, 50% lighter and 20% stronger when compared with brass manifolds.

new manifold

  • Innovative and lightweight modular 90 & 110mm range of MLCP fittings.


  • MULTI-FIT ‘tool-less’ range of adapters ideal where you need to break down at valves etc.


  • Red 9mm pre-insulated MLCP pipes available in sizes 16-32mm to complement the existing blue range.

insulated pipe

  • SMART range of heating manifolds for mixed systems. You can now plumb your underfloor heating, towel rails, perimeter and trench heating all from 1 manifold. This patented solution allows you to independently set each outlet to any temperature.

smart manifold

  • Re-usable push-fit stop end for temporary capping off during testing.

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Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems For Use Below Ground

Multipipe is delighted to present our incredible exciting partnership with Terrendis.

Multipipe now acts as sole UK distributor for Terrendis systems and products. Our high levels of stock across the range of heating, sanitary and cooling pipe systems and a vast technical experience within the Multipipe ranks, enables us to both aid in design & specification, whilst also reacting quickly and efficiently to our customers needs.

Terrendis poster page 2 ful

Terrendis is a pre-insulated, flexible, energy-saving PE-Xa piping system that is perfectly suited for transporting hot water between the remote heat source and the building applications.

• Unequalled flexibility for easy installation

• Perfect for renewable energy applications

• Supplied in 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m packs

• A solution for every application

Read our Pre-Insulated Pipe overview 2017 here


Retro-Fit Screed Board System

Retro-Fit Screed Board panels utilise an 18mm high density dry screed board, which acts as a heat conducting surface, transferring the heat from the pipes to the heated floor above.

Once up to temperature, it delivers sufficient heat output to provide warm and even ambient temperatures within the living space. The best floor coverings to combine with the Retro-Fit Screed Board panels, are hard surfaces such as stone and tile, as they offer the least resistance to heat transfer compared to carpets.

Retro-fit Screed Board

The main benefit of the Retro-Fit Screed Board panel is the option for the direct application of tiles (subject to structural integrity), as it can be applied directly with the use of flexible adhesive. However, in most instances, a 4 to 6mm ply cover is recommended prior to tiling. When floor coverings such as carpet are to be fitted, the system design must factor in the extra heat output that will be needed; this loss in output needs to be negated by increasing the flow temperature.


Read more and download your copy of the **NEW** Retro-fit Screed System

Our Latest Systems Guide for 2017

Multipipe is please to announce the arrival of it’s latest Systems guide for 2017. 2017 price guide cover Alongside our usual high quality product offerings in the MLCP and UFH markets, we have a number of new additions to the product offering;

  • Composite Press Fittings for MLCP,
  • Composite Push Fittings for MLCP,
  • Reduced cost UFH Zonepacks,
  • The all new Lo-Flow 22mm UFH system,
  • A full range of ,Heat Interface Units (HIU),
  • Water metering and valves,
  • Terrendis Pre-Insulated underground pipe and fittings (PREINS)

For your free copy of the new brochure, please call or send an email to

We Want Your Photos!

We are looking for our installer partners to send us photos of their work. Every photo is entered into our monthly prize draw for a chance to win £75 worth of Amazon vouchers!

It can be;

  • Installations
  • Selfies with our products
  • Before and after photos
  • Finished projects

These will be featured on our social media channels and credited to the contributor.


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Case Study 727 – Broomfield Road, Chelmsford

Originally an office complex at the heart of new city Chelmsford, close to the train station and well equipped, the decline in need for office space during the recession and the subsequent thirst for commuter properties in the area convinced the owner to convert these buildings.


Multipipe, in partnership with the plumbing & heating contractor, were involved from the beginning of the design and development stage. Adapting the traditional thinking around copper installation to create a cost effective and time saving alternative using MLCP and manifold solutions.

Hot & Cold Water – From the risers to the appliance outlets within the apartments, multilayered pipe and fittings have been used on all of the hot and cold water distribution. Using a combination of traditional and manifold plumbing techniques our install partners have managed to refit each apartment in line with very tight schedules and with an absolute confidence in the product they are using.

Radiator Flow and Returns – Again, with speed of installation a key factor, manifold plumbing was employed to great effect for all the radiators within the complex.

For more information on MLCP or manifold plumbing and it’s various applications, please contact your local sales manager – click here