Case Study 727 – Broomfield Road, Chelmsford

Originally an office complex at the heart of new city Chelmsford, close to the train station and well equipped, the decline in need for office space during the recession and the subsequent thirst for commuter properties in the area convinced the owner to convert these buildings.


Multipipe, in partnership with the plumbing & heating contractor, were involved from the beginning of the design and development stage. Adapting the traditional thinking around copper installation to create a cost effective and time saving alternative using MLCP and manifold solutions.

Hot & Cold Water – From the risers to the appliance outlets within the apartments, multilayered pipe and fittings have been used on all of the hot and cold water distribution. Using a combination of traditional and manifold plumbing techniques our install partners have managed to refit each apartment in line with very tight schedules and with an absolute confidence in the product they are using.

Radiator Flow and Returns – Again, with speed of installation a key factor, manifold plumbing was employed to great effect for all the radiators within the complex.

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