HIU – Heat Interface Units

A primary consideration in modern construction is increased energy efficiency, user comfort and energy billing – particularly in multi-dwelling buildings. As a result Centralised District Heating schemes, supplied by a combination of traditional and renewable energy sources, are becoming widely accepted as the industry norm for new build developments. Heat Interface Units give Consultants and Engineers a reliable solution which provide eco-friendly, efficient temperature control whilst achieving high energy efficiency and user comfort. Instantaneous DHW is achieved using both thermostatic and Electronic control – ensuring superb temperature regulation. Equally our high capacity Heat Exchangers and combined constant flow and return temperature controllers allow unrivalled user comfort and efficiency.

The system allows a multitude of Control options ranging from basic proportional control linked to an existing BMS system to full, stand-alone Weather Compensation and Wireless Room stat options– all of which are easily retrofittable and quick to install.

Multipipe HIU System Guide & Pricing 2018

Multipipe HIU Product & Tech Guide

  • No gas supply required to individual apartments
  • Reduced installation and life cycle costs
  • Integration of renewable and low carbon technology into each dwelling
  • Lower maintenance
  • Greater energy efficiency



A combined valve assembly to control and meter water supply to multi-dwelling accommodation such as apartments and office blocks. WRAS approved. The Assembly comprises of isolating ball valve, water meter (or spacer if required) and combined PRV, double check valve and pressure gauge module. By combining the PRV and DCV components the Water Meter Assembly (WMA) is much more compact than existing products and by reducing the number of connections dramatically limits the potential leak points on the module. In addition the WMA can be more easily installed either horizontally or vertically.

Available in ¾”BSP or 1” BSP female variants each WMA comes with a full insulation jacket as standard (not shown). Pressure gauge is also included adjustable between 1.5-6.0 bar. Temperature
gauge on the isolation valve.


Thermostatic Control Units

ESBE Thermostatic Mixing Valves are licensed for use with washbasins, showers and baths in higher risk and Healthcare applications under the requirements of the NHS Estates D08 specification.

  • ESBE thermostatic mixing valves are available in standard format 15mm and 22mm, and VTA353 is available in Combi format.
  • Available in T pattern (VTA353) but also L pattern(VTA323)- saving customers 40% installation time.
  • Combi versions are supplied complete with 4-in-1 angle inlet connectors incorporating stainless steel mesh strainers, non return valves, 1/4" BSP pressure tapping point and 1/4-turn lever ball valves.