How Multipipe's MLCP compares to copper piping

If you have been using copper pipes for years without any issues, then it can seem unnecessary to find out about other piping solutions. However, when there are clear benefits that you could be missing out on, it is definitely worth spending just a few minutes reading about how Multipipe’s Multilayer Composite Pipe (MLCP) compares to copper and how it could directly help you with your projects.
There is no better MLCP on the market than Multipipe’s. It doesn’t leak, doesn’t break and comes with industry-leading warranties and technical support.  More and more plumbers and installers are switching from copper over to our MLCP – could you be benefitting too?
Benefits include:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Reduction in project costs
  • Similar performance to copper pipes
  • 100% Recyclable with little to no scrap value – no one will steal it!
  • Lighter than copper with no price fluctuations – price your jobs with confidence

Want to find out more? Let’s go into a bit more detail about these benefits:

Fewer connections required
  • bend MLCP by hand more easily than copper to navigate obstacles
  • Full socket indication hole to ensure secure jointing
  • Reshape after bending if adjustments are needed


No need for hot works
  • No soldering required
  • Quicker, cleaner and safer installations
  • WRAS approved, ideal for sanitary and drinking water solutions


More hygienic/lime-scale resistant
  • No corrosion or deposit build-up
  • Capped when manufactured to arrive 100% clean
  • Cleaner and safer projects Because MLCP is capped when manufactured, they arrive 100% clean and unlike copper, it is resistant to lime-scale. So, your end-user will be much happier with the improved levels of hygiene.

Multipipe also offers a range of adaptor fittings that enable you to connect to existing copper piping, to suit any kind of project. Our MLCP is perfect for both commercial and domestic plumbing, as well as traditional and manifold plumbing.
To see the full range of sizes, insulation options and fittings,

We've got a UFH Zonepack offer that you need to know about

We wanted to take the hassle out of getting all the parts that go into an underfloor heating installation. Our Zonepack pulls together all the products you need to get the job done with a brilliant limited-time offer.
There are a tonne of advantages to investing in a Zonepack that you need to know about.

  1. Quality of Contents

Multipipe’s products are renowned for their quality, providing secure installations that last. We use the best quality materials and manufacturing techniques to give you confidence in your products for the long-term.
Not only that, but you’ll also get comprehensive installation instructions and dedicated Technical Support Helpline from our office-based expert support team. With a programmable 230V thermostat, you can get a Zonepack that covers all the bases you’ll ever need with a service that can’t be beaten.

  1. Get what you need

Part of removing the hassle from UFH installs is making sure you’ve got enough piping to do the job. Sounds simple, but it’s not always something that suppliers will consider – they don’t mind you running back and forth if you need more.
That’s not the case with our Zonepacks though. With these two packs, just order the pack you need for the size of the room and you’re all set.

  1. Installation Instructions

Get total control and confidence for your installation. With every one of our UFH Zonepacks, we include comprehensive installation instructions which include a list of detailed technical information to ensure that your job is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible – resulting in a satisfied customer every single time!

  1. Technical Support Helpline

When you invest in our Zonepacks, you get a technical support helpline available for you, assisting you any aspect of the installation you need.
Have a query about one of the products in the pack? Get the level of customer service you deserve. Our in-house support team are available for you to call when you need general advice, as well as contactable on the website or via email.
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