What Impact Will Brexit Have on the Plumbing and Heating Industry?

Now that Boris Johnson has been announced as the next Prime Minister, the focus is firmly on Brexit and the impact that it will have for UK businesses. With the huge cloud of uncertainty about the knock-on effects of a no-deal Brexit, many business owners are quite justifiably concerned about whether their livelihood is at risk. Installers, plumbers and heating businesses are all showing signs that they are worried about what Brexit means to them, so we have had an in-depth look at the potential impact for our industry to provide you with some information that could help you prepare for any changes:

Price of equipment/components

Like other industries, there are concerns around how prices of equipment and raw materials that are sourced from outside the UK will be affected. UK trade deals will no longer be regulated by EU guidelines which could lead to increased costs of imported materials.
Many manufacturers of heating and plumbing products are outside of the UK, meaning that the industry could be facing uncertain times as plumbing businesses deal with the prospect of higher-priced materials. Everyday plumbing products such as pumps, pipes, fittings, valves and radiators could all be impacted, although at this stage it is not known whether prices will fluctuate, or by how much.

Health and Safety Regulations

Many that voted for Brexit did so as an opportunity to “lift the red tape” and regain control over some of the complicated regulations and legislation that affects businesses. Health and Safety regulations have been heavily speculated about in relation to Brexit, with debates over whether it would be a good idea to have greater control over policies that affect business operations.
In reality, it’s unlikely that there will be any changes in Health and Safety regulations, except for small changes to remove reference to the EU. With the UK having established a reputation as being a world-leader in standards of Health & Safety, it’s unlikely we’d be looking to change these standards and risk negative impacts on trade and investment.

Overseas Recruitment

Unlikely to affect smaller businesses, many larger plumbing and heating companies have historically recruited skilled plumbing and heating engineers from Eastern Europe. With potentially more restrictions on the free movement of workers from Europe, this could give more opportunities for British tradesman.
As a result, the decrease in the number of skilled plumbing and heating installers will see an increase in demand and could increase salaries dramatically. For all sizes of businesses, the Apprenticeship Levy is likely to play a key role in helping businesses take on trainees and get workers with necessary skill levels.
However, the knock-on effect of this is the affordability of projects. At a time where the UK desperately needs to expand its housing, schools and ageing infrastructure, an increase to the cost of both materials and labour could affect the nation’s ability to carry out these important works. An increased price point for these facilities could potentially affect all of our lives.


The true impact of Brexit on UK businesses is still uncertain and whilst we can speculate as to what may happen, until the next stage is completed we won’t have any more information to build an idea of what post-Brexit looks like for plumbing and heating businesses.
However, by being aware of these potential imported material cost fluctuations and the impact of restrictions on overseas recruitment, you can at least start reviewing and planning for how your business could be impacted.

Barn Converted To Events Venue Using Multipipe UnderFloor Heating

Tuffon Hall, an award-winning vineyard based in Essex, has converted one of their existing barns to be used as an events venue.

Seeking an environmentally friendly option to provide heating for the space, Multipipe manifolds and pipe was the obvious solution for installers Heat Different to connect a ground source heat pump to an underfloor heating installation.

The finished system was completed with polished concrete flow screed to create an energy-efficient system that will heat this venue for many years to come!

Products provided:

  • 2,400M MLC Pipe with clip system to floor insulation
  • 2 x 12 port stainless steel manifolds

Total floor area:

  • 333.63m²

Annual fuel savings:

  • £2,040 (compared to heating oil)

Check out the images:

Heatdifferent 2- TUFFON HALL - HALSTEAD
Heatdifferent 3- TUFFON HALL - HALSTEAD
Heatdifferent 4- TUFFON HALL - HALSTEAD

Multipipe’s North England Expansion – and how you will benefit!

Multipipe expand into the North of England with an expert new Technical Sales Manager.

Exciting times are ahead as we can proudly announce that Multipipe is growing! Our sales team is expanding into the North of England and the addition of our brand-new Technical Sales Manager is great news for all our northern customers.
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Meet our new expert – a specialist in designing winning UFH jobs


Let’s introduce him, shall we? Meet Tom Yates, our new Northern Technical Sales Manager! He’s bringing over a decade of technical knowledge and experience to our Northern customers. Since 2005 Tom has been building a wealth of knowledge in the area, working with the largest suppliers and installers of underfloor heating products to ensure all parties get the best deal and service possible. Tom matches our Multipipe ethos perfectly as he too prides himself on building lasting relationships with the technical expertise to advise on any sized project.
Tom is ready to help you win more jobs by helping you design UFH projects and wants to do so as soon as possible! He will help you find the right person, with the right products at exactly the right price. What’s not to love about that?
Why should our customers be thrilled about our new TSM joining the team? For the simple reason that he will help you win more jobs! We have been looking to offer installers in Northern England more premium products and service and our new expert TSM combined with our quality products and service will be the best alternative for installers across the North.

How you will benefit – what Multipipe is bringing to the region

Our new expansion into the North means that Installers can now find a great alternative and have easier access to our high-quality products and service! If you are being let down by your current suppliers or existing products, your brand-new alternative is here. Don’t settle for a service that doesn’t benefit you – look for a team that will help you achieve your goals.

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