Change to Part L of the Building Regulations and how this might affect the completion of a project.

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Change to Part L of the Building Regulations and how this might affect the completion of a project.

It is expected that changes to both Part L and F of the building regulations will be released in October 2021 and come into effect from April 2022. You may be aware of this, but what effects does this have on how you do a system this time around? The primary change is further requirements […]

Are you using the best solution to fill and maintain your heating water?

After reading many social media posts and a great chat with David Whitfield of Elysator, I have learned a lot about VDI 2035 over the last few months. VDI 2035 is a standard used in Germany for water quality control. In future articles, we will look into more detail about this alternative method of water quality control […]

What are you doing now to prepare for the 2050 net-zero carbon target? 

This week it would be nice to find out how installers foresee how we can prepare new installations for meeting the net-zero carbon targets set by the government.   The first step will be moving towards the Part L requirement for 55°C water temperature for heating systems. The Part L requirement means we now need […]

Multipipe Manifold Plumbing

Unlike most other technologies, plumbing systems’ layout hasn’t made any significant leaps forward for decades. With this in mind, is it time you looked at a different way of getting water from point A to B? What is Manifold Plumbing Manifold plumbing is a different way of laying out your system with some significant advantages. Manifold plumbing […]

MLCP – Coils Vs. Straight Lengths

Flexible MLCP   Piping made from multilayer composite pipe is a viable alternative to copper because it offers flexibility, speed of installation and the elimination of hot works on site.    First introduced in the UK in the 1970s, MLCP has seen growth in popularity alongside the increased use of renewable energy technology – such as underfloor […]

Secondary Recirculation Systems

Why Use Secondary Recirculation Systems As houses get bigger and clients demand even more from their installer, one of the biggest issues is delivering hot water quickly and efficiently to the hot water taps. The only way to efficiently do this is by setting up a circulation loop from the cylinder to the tap emanating […]

How to select the right room control for your heat emitter

How to Select the Right Room Control for Your Heat Emitter Do you remember the delights of the brown & beige Honeywell thermostats? The good old days when ‘stats were far simpler to work with and to wire. But let’s be honest, they were inefficient! Room control technology has come on leaps and bounds since […]

Underfloor Heating Systems and Cold Weather

Underfloor Heating Systems and Cold Weather – Why aren’t I Warm Enough? Whilst we’re all dreaming of warm summer days and the easier jobs that seem to come with it; there’s no doubt that the dreaded cold weather is good for business. As an industry, I think we have developed a love/hate relationship with freezing […]

Pipe in Walls

In this tech Tuesday I would like to speak to you about more of a problem. As we move closer to aesthetically pleasing homes, one thing is for certain. People do not like pipework on walls. These are typically hidden after with ugly boxing in running the lines of your lovely new home, or even […]

Multi-Zone Control and Single-Zone Control for Heating

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, I want to speak about the difference between a multi-zone control and single-zone control and how technology has made this easier to implement. Control for heating systems is not a new thing. The building regulations require you to have a means of thermostatic and time management. However, the level of […]

Do You Install Your Hot and Cold Pipes in Floors?

Do You Install Your Hot and Cold Pipes in Floors? Most of you are aware of the water regulation schedule; a government set document, which lays out rules for the installation (and manufacture) of pipes and fittings. In this article, I’ll look at one small paragraph: Schedule 2, section 7 under the heading of “Requirements […]

UFH and Kitchen Units

Underfloor Heating and Kitchen Units At Multipipe, we believe that fitting underfloor heating in kitchen and specifically under kitchen units can massively benefit the homeowner. It’s a popular misconception that underfloor heating fitted under kitchen units will do damage to the kitchen itself or will even cause overheating of the items in the cupboards. So, […]

The Importance of Screed in Underfloor Heating

The Importance of Screed in Underfloor Heating In this week’s Tech Tuesday, I want to highlight the importance of screed.  This has been written in partnership with Gyvlon who experts in specialist screeds. As many people know, screed underfloor heating systems are the most common, as they are the cheapest and easiest to install and the easiest to implement. However, the importance of the screed is often overlooked. People will always speak about the […]

The Importance of Commissioning Your UFH System

Commissioning Your Underfloor Heating System In this article #TechTuesday will explain why it’s vital to commission, or ‘balance’ as it’s also known, your underfloor heating system. Just as some traditional radiators occasionally get quite a bit warmer than others, your underfloor heating system can also suffer from the same problem. When this happens, it usually means that […]

Installing A Heat Emission Plate (HEP’s) System

Installing A Heat Emission Plate (HEP’s) System When it comes to UFH on ground floors, this tends to be done by embedding pipe into the screed. And providing it is done right, you have an extremely efficient system. However, more and more people want UFH throughout their home meaning incorporation of underfloor heating on (normally) […]

UFH Patterns

The Three Main Types of UFH Patterns Did you know that how you lay your underfloor heating system can massively change how the system will feel once it’s all commissioned? There are three main types of underfloor heating laying patterns: bifilar, meander and double meander. This week’s #TechTuesday sets out some easy-to-follow references for these […]