The Importance of Commissioning Your UFH System

Commissioning Your Underfloor Heating System

In this article #TechTuesday will explain why it’s vital to commission, or ‘balance’ as it’s also known, your underfloor heating system.

Just as some traditional radiators occasionally get quite a bit warmer than others, your underfloor heating system can also suffer from the same problem. When this happens, it usually means that your central heating system is out of balance.

In some instances, radiators can be at different temperatures due to the distance that water that heats them must travel from the boiler or pump. If your heating system is not balanced, then the radiators that are closest to the boiler or heating source may get a lot more heat than those that are further away.
Balance is achieved by adjusting the flow meters to ensure that the flow rates supplied to each zone are at the optimum level to provide an even and comfortable warmth across the whole floor.
Many companies sell controls that in theory “balance” the system. These work by using the actuator pin to either hold it half-open or pulse between open and shut. Either way, over the years, I’ve found these controls cause excessive wear on the actuator pins, and it seems I’m not alone. Many plumbers I speak to report issues of leaking value pins, which is why Multipipe recommends that you always commission a new underfloor heating system. A little work upfront will save trouble down the line – reinforcing your customers trust in your skills.
I do understand the need for auto-balancing controls, and these are very good when retrofitted to existing systems where you do not know the length of the coils to balance. In this example, they can save time and money but still provide system control.
However, when you’re installing a brand-new system and providing you lay your pipework in accordance with the drawings provided by your manufacturer, there is no reason why you cannot hydraulically balance your system.
Hydraulically balancing the system is far better: it doesn’t take long, and it means you’re not overusing the pins. This method also allows for better-balanced flow around the system, meaning the system will heat up evenly. This is especially important in a single room with multiple loops (where some loops are different sizes.)
Why choose Multipipe as your UFH supplier?
As part of our commitment to outstanding customer service, we at Multipipe are offering a new service whereby when you place your order we also support you with

  • A full set of loop layouts
  • A balancing and commissioning sheet is designed to be left with the manifold and system for future reference.
  • Technical support – either by email or phone to ensure your install goes smoothly

If you wish to find out more contact us on 01245 850 799
Remember, that we have a fully qualified design team, and a technical line should you wish to discuss this further and make sure that on your next project you get the most out of your install.

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