Heat Interface Units

HIU’s offer a reliable, eco-friendly and efficient temperate control system, which can be tailored to suit the needs of your heating scheme.

Centralised District Heating has become widely accepted as the industry norm for new build developments.

    Our Heat Interface Units don't require a gas supply to individual apartments
    Compact design means reduced installation, maintenance and life-cycle costs
    The integration of renewable and low carbon technology into each dwelling helps reduce environmental impact
    A primary consideration in modern construction, HIUs allow for eco-friendly temperature control

What are HIU's?

Heat interface units (HIU) are typically installed in large apartment complexes with multiple dwellings. Rather than each home being fitted with a boiler, a central boiler provides heating and domestic hot water energy to the entire building.

There are currently over 500,000 properties, connected to a district or communal heating network in the UK, and this figure is set to grow rapidly with the government targeting 20-40% of heat from heat networks by 2040 from the current 2%, in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.

To capitalise on the benefits that heat networks offer, it is vital that systems are designed and delivered with efficiency and performance in mind.

Advances in HIU technology and smart methods of control mean modern heat network developments can operate at optimum efficiency with minimal energy waste, at a lower cost and with simple ongoing management.

How can Multipipe HIU's benefit me?

Our Heat Interface Units provide efficiency all round. Easy installation and reduced valve systems make this an easy to maintain product
These compact units are designed to fit in very small spaces, with minimal costs. The unit provides a single control panel, delivering improved efficiency
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