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Installation of UFH into the concrete sub-floor

Since UFH came to the UK over 30 years ago, it has grown in popularity as a great way to heat both domestic and commercial buildings. When it boils down to it, not a lot has changed, and now many companies are offering a UFH design and supply solution. But did you know that with […]

The Importance of Commissioning Your Underfloor Heating System

This #TechTuesday article will explain why it’s vital to commission, or ‘balance’ as it’s also known, your underfloor heating system.   Underfloor Heating Flowmeters  When a traditional radiator system runs (without balancing), you will find that some radiators are warmer than others. This is because water takes the path of least resistance and flows (typically) around […]

Underfloor Heating Thermostat Positions

If you follow my #TechTuesday posts, you will know I talk a lot about the importance of good underfloor heating system design. Great design ensures you get the most from your UFH system by planning, designing, and carefully picking the right products. However, after all that, you can still let your system down by making […]

Can Underfloor Heating Save On Your Energy Bills?

One consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is that an increased number of people have been working from home. This trend is projected to continue for the foreseeable future, with the number of people working from home expected to be higher than pre-pandemic levels even after the threat of the disease has abated. Working from home […]

What is VDI2035, and why do I need it?

VDI2035 is a set of water quality guidelines for heating water developed in 2009 by the Association of German Engineers. The equivalent in the UK would be BS7593; however, it is widely accepted that the VDI2035 is based on stronger scientific evidence and is much more in-depth. Compared to the VDI2035, the UK’s equivalent set […]

Why the location of the manifold is important to the system.

When planning your UFH systems, it is often easier to locate your manifold in a place where it has a short run from the boiler to the manifold. However, because boilers are typically found near external walls, this can mean larger amounts of “feed pipes” go under the floor. In this article, we look at […]

How MLCP helps homes with hard water

Whether you are a professional fitter or just starting out, it is important you understand the long-term damage that hard water can cause to your pipes and how you can prevent the build-up of limescale. Hard water is quite common in urban regions of the UK, particularly in the south and east of the country. […]

Ten reasons to swap from copper or push-fit to MLCP

A multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP) comprises a central aluminium layer and an inner and outer layer of a polyethene raised temperature (PE-RT) plastic coating. MLCP piping is increasingly popular and, because of its many advantages, it now outsells copper and push-fit piping across Europe. Here are ten reasons to swap from copper or push-fit to […]

Seven reasons why smart heating is the best option for your building

Smart heating puts you in control of the temperature in different rooms in your home, at different times, without needing to switch the boiler on or off manually. You can even control and personalise your heating remotely from your smartphone or computer, so you don’t even need to be in the house to adjust your […]

Understanding the impact of pipe centres on UFH

This week #TechTuesday is a bit of a heavy one this week, so if you’d like to go through any of the points in the post, call Dave on 01245 850799.     For far too long, I have come across jobs where, either under pressure from the heat pump manufacturer or the installer themselves, installers push for […]

10 free ways plumbing installers can promote their business in 2021

Whether you are an experienced plumbing installer, just setting up your plumbing installation business or considering changing careers, finding effective and affordable ways to market your business can feel a daunting task. But customer awareness is vital for any plumbing company, and while paid advertising and leaflets can undoubtedly attract new business, there are plenty […]

Renovation and decarbonisation: Do they work hand in hand?

With the UK heating industry looking to meet a net-zero carbon goal by 2050 and move to renewable energy sources, the requirement for ultra-low temperature water emitters is becoming more and more needed.   One of the biggest challenges in meeting these goals is the UK housing stock. According to BRE, the UK has the oldest […]

It’s a #TechTuesday rant!

This week #TechTuesday is more a rant (sorry!) than our usual helpful hints and tips. Once you’ve read the rant, it would be great to get feedback on whichever social channel you use or in the comments section on the blog post.     The UK Plumbing Industry  I’ve been wondering a lot lately about where we […]

What would minimum qualification standards mean for the plumbing industry?

Imagine the scene: you’ve got a plumbing emergency that you need resolving quickly. You need to find the right plumber for the job; you search frantically online trying to find the best tradesman in your area. Case closed, right?  But what happens if the service you received doesn’t quite match the price you paid? Finding […]

Five Ways to Prevent Legionella in Pipework

Legionella, bacteria that occur in natural water sources, is often overlooked and misunderstood. However, people are likely to have heard of, and better comprehend Legionnaires’ disease — the condition caused by the bacteria when inhaled. Legionella in pipework needs to be prevented as much as possible, and with our range of pipework, we can help […]

Lucy Enigbokan Joins The Multipipe Team

Lucy Enigbokan joins the Multipipe team as part of our Internal Sales team. Most recently Lucy has been working as a bathroom designer and has never lived in a house that didn’t require a full renovation, so she’s well versed in all sorts of projects! Lucy is now looking forward to using her knowledge to […]

Change to Part L of the Building Regulations and how this might affect the completion of a project.

It is expected that changes to both Part L and F of the building regulations will be released in October 2021 and come into effect from April 2022. You may be aware of this, but what effects does this have on how you do a system this time around? The primary change is further requirements […]

The Green Homes Grant failed, but how could it have worked?

The thorough and proper insulation of homes used to be considered just an issue for the heating and cooling of a property. In recent years, there has been a shift in focus toward its energy efficiency capabilities. As part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the £2 […]

Are you using the best solution to fill and maintain your heating water?

After reading many social media posts and a great chat with David Whitfield of Elysator, I have learned a lot about VDI 2035 over the last few months. VDI 2035 is a standard used in Germany for water quality control. In future articles, we will look into more detail about this alternative method of water quality control […]

What are you doing now to prepare for the 2050 net-zero carbon target? 

This week it would be nice to find out how installers foresee how we can prepare new installations for meeting the net-zero carbon targets set by the government.   The first step will be moving towards the Part L requirement for 55°C water temperature for heating systems. The Part L requirement means we now need […]

Multipipe Manifold Plumbing

Unlike most other technologies, plumbing systems’ layout hasn’t made any significant leaps forward for decades. With this in mind, is it time you looked at a different way of getting water from point A to B? What is Manifold Plumbing Manifold plumbing is a different way of laying out your system with some significant advantages. Manifold plumbing […]

MLCP – Coils Vs. Straight Lengths

Flexible MLCP   Piping made from multilayer composite pipe is a viable alternative to copper because it offers flexibility, speed of installation and the elimination of hot works on site.    First introduced in the UK in the 1970s, MLCP has seen growth in popularity alongside the increased use of renewable energy technology – such as underfloor […]

What kind of customer service do you want?

It’s been said that customer service can be any two out of good, cheap, and quick, but seldom all three. – If it’s high quality and inexpensive, you may have to wait – If it’s delivered fast and is inexpensive, you may have to accept lower quality – If it’s delivered fast and is high […]

Secondary Recirculation Systems

Why Use Secondary Recirculation Systems As houses get bigger and clients demand even more from their installer, one of the biggest issues is delivering hot water quickly and efficiently to the hot water taps. The only way to efficiently do this is by setting up a circulation loop from the cylinder to the tap emanating […]

How to select the right room control for your heat emitter

How to Select the Right Room Control for Your Heat Emitter Do you remember the delights of the brown & beige Honeywell thermostats? The good old days when ‘stats were far simpler to work with and to wire. But let’s be honest, they were inefficient! Room control technology has come on leaps and bounds since […]

Underfloor Heating Systems and Cold Weather

Underfloor Heating Systems and Cold Weather – Why aren’t I Warm Enough? Whilst we’re all dreaming of warm summer days and the easier jobs that seem to come with it; there’s no doubt that the dreaded cold weather is good for business. As an industry, I think we have developed a love/hate relationship with freezing […]

Pipe in Walls

In this tech Tuesday I would like to speak to you about more of a problem. As we move closer to aesthetically pleasing homes, one thing is for certain. People do not like pipework on walls. These are typically hidden after with ugly boxing in running the lines of your lovely new home, or even […]

Multi-Zone Control and Single-Zone Control for Heating

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, I want to speak about the difference between a multi-zone control and single-zone control and how technology has made this easier to implement. Control for heating systems is not a new thing. The building regulations require you to have a means of thermostatic and time management. However, the level of […]

Do You Install Your Hot and Cold Pipes in Floors?

Do You Install Your Hot and Cold Pipes in Floors? Most of you are aware of the water regulation schedule; a government set document, which lays out rules for the installation (and manufacture) of pipes and fittings. In this article, I’ll look at one small paragraph: Schedule 2, section 7 under the heading of “Requirements […]

Customer Experience

Outstanding Customer Experience I was so engrossed in a conversation about the fantastic sales process we’d just experienced that I missed the turnoff home. We were helping our daughter to buy her first car. Having done our research, we headed off to a local Toyota dealership expecting the usual high-pressure sales tactics. But we were […]

UFH and Kitchen Units

Underfloor Heating and Kitchen Units At Multipipe, we believe that fitting underfloor heating in kitchen and specifically under kitchen units can massively benefit the homeowner. It’s a popular misconception that underfloor heating fitted under kitchen units will do damage to the kitchen itself or will even cause overheating of the items in the cupboards. So, […]

The Importance of Screed in Underfloor Heating

The Importance of Screed in Underfloor Heating In this week’s Tech Tuesday, I want to highlight the importance of screed.  This has been written in partnership with Gyvlon who experts in specialist screeds. As many people know, screed underfloor heating systems are the most common, as they are the cheapest and easiest to install and the easiest to implement. However, the importance of the screed is often overlooked. People will always speak about the […]

The Importance of Commissioning Your UFH System

Commissioning Your Underfloor Heating System In this article #TechTuesday will explain why it’s vital to commission, or ‘balance’ as it’s also known, your underfloor heating system. Just as some traditional radiators occasionally get quite a bit warmer than others, your underfloor heating system can also suffer from the same problem. When this happens, it usually means that […]

Installing A Heat Emission Plate (HEP’s) System

Installing A Heat Emission Plate (HEP’s) System When it comes to UFH on ground floors, this tends to be done by embedding pipe into the screed. And providing it is done right, you have an extremely efficient system. However, more and more people want UFH throughout their home meaning incorporation of underfloor heating on (normally) […]

UFH Patterns

The Three Main Types of UFH Patterns Did you know that how you lay your underfloor heating system can massively change how the system will feel once it’s all commissioned? There are three main types of underfloor heating laying patterns: bifilar, meander and double meander. This week’s #TechTuesday sets out some easy-to-follow references for these […]

Could smart TRV’s save you money this winter?

Could smart TRV’s save you money this winter? My house is 100 years old and like 80% of UK houses it has radiators heated by an oil-fired boiler. Until 2 years ago we weren’t able to control the heating properly and it was getting expensive. To get this sorted I installed manual thermostatic radiator valves, […]

Installation Issues With MLCP

Installation Issues With a Metal Press System Over the last month, we have been receiving more calls from consultants taking metal press systems out of their specs due to full bore detachments on site. Here are the facts on this issue and how you can look at preventing this on your site. Like with most systems, you can always install things wrong and with the metal […]

How You Should Run Your UFH System

How Do You Advise on Running a New UFH System to a Customer? Over the years, I have had various calls from homeowners about running an UFH system and I think education is the biggest downfall in UFH system running. Many end-users that have never owned a UFH system will run it like a radiator, […]

Floor Covering For UFH

Floor Coverings For Underfloor Heating The biggest reason for underfloor heating underperforming is usually due to the floor covering. This is normally out of the control of the installer, as it is your client that typically picks the final floor covering. But going forward, we should be educating our customers of the pitfalls of fitting […]

Helen McDermott Joins the Multipipe Team

Helen McDermott joins the Multipipe team with many years’ experience in marketing, gained in both blue chip corporations and family run businesses across a wide variety of industries. Helen is looking forward to ensuring Multipipe is known for its outstanding customer service and market leading, innovative plumbing solutions. With Helen on board we’re looking forward […]

Five Point Check For Winter

Get your Underfloor Heating ready for winter As winter approaches do you cringe at the thought of turning the thermostat up? You’re not alone, and often those with underfloor heating dread winter more than most. Now hopefully, you have your heat source regularly serviced with a registered plumber. But did you know it is just […]

Evolution of UFH and Things to Be Aware of as an Installer

Evolution of UFH and Things to Be Aware of as an Installer We know that you want to be proud of every installation you do so this week’s blog looks at how best to install underfloor heating systems. UFH (Underfloor Heating) is not a new commodity, but in recent years we have seen a surge in popularity […]

Underfloor Heating or Radiators – Which is Better?

Underfloor Heating or Radiators – which is better? On the surface it may seem that the conventional radiators would be the better option. They certainly can be less expensive to install than underfloor systems. But what about ‘under the surface’?  Let’s look at some of the reasons why UFH might be the better option. Running […]

Water quality in metal pipe systems

Water quality in metal pipe systems Although copper pipework system failures are rare, we are finding more and more issues with copper corrosion in systems and now that pipe walls are getting thinner on copper, these systems are not lasting as long as they used to. One problem we see more through our helpline (which is more of a concern) is blue water. This […]

A beginner’s guide to getting tooled up

The minefield of pressing tools. A beginner’s guide to getting tooled up Press-fit systems are a newer way of carrying out fittings and, when compared with more traditional solder and screwed methods, can save both time and cost in addition to many other benefits. To reap the benefits, you’ll need to know how to use […]

How to cut, calibrate and press multilayer pipes and fittings

What is a multilayer composite pipe (MLCP)? Multilayer pipes are a composite pipe, made up of inner and outer layers of temperature resistant PE-RT with metal with a central core of aluminium. This hybrid design makes for a perfect alternative to copper, saving you time and money on installation while delivering top quality results for […]

David Playfoot joins the Multipipe team

David Playfoot joins the Multipipe team with over 14 years of industry-specific experience in both plumbing and underfloor radiant solutions. Having worked for several years with a key plastic pipe manufacture in the market, David was offered a fantastic opportunity at Multipipe to bring his knowledge and experience into this company to help us grow […]

The Risk Of Legionella Post-Lockdown

Legionella disease is a pneumonia-like illness that causes serious infection on the lungs. Everyone is at risk of infection and the disease can be fatal in approximately 20% of reported cases according to  W.E.T. This is a very serious disease and we suspect that there will be an increased risk of infection when returning to […]

Multipipe COVID-19 Service Updates

Please find below up to date information regarding Multipipe’s service during the COVID-19 outbreak.   If your merchant branch is unavailable, plumbing supplies are still available from Multipipe If you are still working and in need of supplies, but your merchant is closed, you can contact Multipipe directly to keep continuity of supply moving in […]

Our Best Ever Tool Deal Is Here For 2020

Our 2020 tool deal is here, and it’s a great one! Get Our MLC Pressing Tool, complete with:  MLC Pressing Tool Charger Battery Case 16, 20, 25 and 32mm jaw All for just £850.00 2 Year Guarantee One-handed operation Small and convenient Long battery life Easy to use Our tool deals are always popular, so […]

What Impact Will Brexit Have on the Plumbing and Heating Industry?

Now that Boris Johnson has been announced as the next Prime Minister, the focus is firmly on Brexit and the impact that it will have for UK businesses. With the huge cloud of uncertainty about the knock-on effects of a no-deal Brexit, many business owners are quite justifiably concerned about whether their livelihood is at […]

Barn Converted To Events Venue Using Multipipe UnderFloor Heating

Tuffon Hall, an award-winning vineyard based in Essex, has converted one of their existing barns to be used as an events venue. Seeking an environmentally friendly option to provide heating for the space, Multipipe manifolds and pipe was the obvious solution for installers Heat Different to connect a ground source heat pump to an underfloor […]

Multipipe’s North England Expansion – and how you will benefit!

Multipipe expand into the North of England with an expert new Technical Sales Manager. Exciting times are ahead as we can proudly announce that Multipipe is growing! Our sales team is expanding into the North of England and the addition of our brand-new Technical Sales Manager is great news for all our northern customers. Why […]

Multipipe Supplies Underfloor Heating Solutions for Stunning Warwickshire Housing Project

A stunning development of three environmentally friendly luxury homes, appointed with the highest quality of fittings throughout, designed to match the requirements of modern day living with air source heat pump, a whole house heat recovery system and underfloor heating with separate zones on all floors. Multipipe supplied all 3 floors of Underfloor Heating to […]

The benefits of Multipipe MLCP you NEED to know as an installer

Multipipe Multilayer Composite Pipe (MLCP) – there’s no better product on the market. If you’re an installer looking to save time, whilst still delivering high-quality, secure plumbing solutions then read on. What is Multipipe MLCP?  It’s the future of the plumbing industry. Manufactured with 5-layer modern PERT, PEX and aluminium, Multipipe Multilayer Composite Pipe is […]

How Multipipe's MLCP compares to copper piping

If you have been using copper pipes for years without any issues, then it can seem unnecessary to find out about other piping solutions. However, when there are clear benefits that you could be missing out on, it is definitely worth spending just a few minutes reading about how Multipipe’s Multilayer Composite Pipe (MLCP) compares […]