Slimline-RF Wireless Thermostat V2
Product Code: 18-00001N
Heatmiser RF-Switch - Two Channel Receiver
Product Code: 18-00006
UH8-RF 8 Zone Wiring Centre [for Wireless Thermostats]
Product Code: 18-00013
Heatmiser Boost - Neo & RF Series Repeater
Product Code: 18-00091
Heatmiser neoAir Wireless Thermostat [Glacer White]
Product Code: 18-00096
Heatmiser neoAir Wireless Thermostat [Sapphire Black]
Product Code: 18-00096B
Heatmiser neoAir Wireless Thermostat [Platinum Silver]
Product Code: 18-00096S
Remote Sensor Probe (10k ohm)
Product Code: 18-23020
Empty Sensor Enclosure
Product Code: 18-23021
White Thimble Sensor
Product Code: 18-23022
Slimline RF Kit V2 - Wireless Programmable Thermostat Kit
Product Code: 18-99908
neoHub - Neo System Gateway GEN2 HomeKit-Enabled
Product Code: 18-99998
RIO Wireless RF Dial Thermostat (SMART compatible)
Product Code: 22-00001
RIO Wireless RF Digital Thermostat (SMART compatible)
Product Code: 22-00002
RIO Wireless RF Programmable Thermostat (SMART compatible)
Product Code: 22-00003
RIO RF Master 8-Zone Wiring Centre (SMART compatible)
Product Code: 22-00013
Remote Sensor Probe 3-metre 10K ohm
Product Code: 22-23020
Smart RF (1-Zone) Programmable Stat & Receiver RT310i (Phone Not Included)
Product Code: 22-23021
Smart RF (Dual Zone) Programmable Stat & Receiver iT500
Product Code: 22-23022
RIO Wireless RF Programmable Thermostat & Receiver
Product Code: 22-99908
Thermostatic head (SMART compatible)
Product Code: 22-99994
RIO SMART Universal Gateway
Product Code: 22-99998


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