MLCP Starter Kit Two

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Everything you need to get started with MLCP Plumbing. The ultimate kit for those wanting to start using MLCP.

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If push-fit is holding you back, it's time to take your craft to the next level. Make the move with Multipipe. This complete kit will make your transition to MLCP plumbing simple. Starter Kit Two contains everything in Starter Kit One plus 25mm Jaw for pressing tool, 25mm external bending spring, 25x2.5mm MLCP pipe 50m coil and a range of press fittings.   Starter Kit Two Contents
Description Quantity
15KN Battery Pressing Hydraulic Tool, 10.8V, Charger & case 1.00
16mm [U-Profile] Jaw for 15KN Pressing Tool 1.00
25mm [U-Profile] Jaw for 15KN Pressing Tool 1.00
16,20,25mm Bevelling Tool 1.00
16-20mm Guilotine Pipe Cutter 1.00
16mm Inner Bending spring 1.00
16mm Outer Bending spring 1.00
25mm Outer Bending spring 1.00
16x2mm MLC pipe 50m coil 1.00
16x16mm Coupling brass press-fit 10.00
16x16mm Elbow 90° brass press-fit 10.00
16x16x16mm Tee brass press-fit 10.00
16x1/2"FT Swivel Nut brass press fit 10.00
16x2 - Cu15mm Nut & Insert Adapter NP (2-piece) 10.00
Push Fit Brass Stop End 16mm (Re-usable) 10.00
Disconnecting Clip [for 16mm Push Fit Stop end 21-62516] 1.00
16x2 - Cu15mm compression adapter brass press-fit 10.00
16mm Pipe Clip [100 Pcs/bag] 1.00
25x2.5mm MLC pipe 50m coil 1.00
25x25mm Coupling brass press-fit 5.00
25x16mm Reduced Coupling brass press-fit 5.00
25x25mm Elbow 90° brass press-fit 10.00
25x25x25mm Tee brass press-fit 4.00
25x16x25mm Reducing Tee brass press-fit 4.00
25x2.5 - Cu22mm Copper Spigot adapter press-fit 5.00
25x2.5 x Cu22mm compression adapter brass press-fit 5.00
25x3/4" MT Connection brass press-fit 5.00


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