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Variable Temperature Control Pumpstation

Ideal for low temperature system that need variable temperature depending on weather conditions for increased efficiency


  • Significant energy savings
  • Pre-assembled pipework for speedier finish
  • Modern and compact


Part Code Description
40-DN2007 DN20 - Variable temperature mix with isolator and pump Excl. Actuator and controller (Valve Kv-4)


Part Code Description
40-DN2022 2-Port DN20 header with hydraulic separator
40-DN2023 3-Port DN20 header with hydraulic separator

Technical Specification

A+ rated pump, with anti-syphon valve and a combined temperature and insulation valve


Product Code (panel only) 40-DN2502
Working Temperature Range 5-90°C
Mixing Temperature Range 20-60°C
Max Working Pressure 10 bar
Connections Secondary side 1" BSP Female (Parallel)
Pump Wilo para 25-180/7-50/SC-12
Acceptable fluids Water, Glycol Mix (max 30%)
Insulation Material Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)
Thermal Conductivity (K value) 0.04 W/mK
Component Material Brass CW617N
Extension Material Steel