Multilayer Composite Pipes

Multipipe MLCP uses high-grade materials, innovative research and a patented production process to guarantee you the highest quality product and ensure the long-term safety of your projects. There isn’t a better MLCP product on the market. Get the advantages of both metal and plastic piping in one innovative product.

Available in 12 – 110mm straight lengths!

  • Low Heat Expansion
    Performs similarly to metal pipes with fittings to suit any project
  • Easy to Form
    Easily bent by hand, stays in shape & keeps its form with no snapback
  • No Hot Works Needed
    No soldering needed meaning cleaner & safer installations that save time & money
  • WRAS Approved
    With no deposit build up or corrosion, MLCP is hygienic & ideal for transporting drinking water
  • Fewer connections
    Navigate bends & obstacles with ease versus copper, saving you time & money while reducing the potential for leaks

What is MLCP?

By merging modern, temperature resistant PE-RT with metal we form a new material as the basis of our advanced multilayer pipes.

Our high-grade materials provide an alternative piping solution to copper, saving you time & money while delivering top quality results for both domestic and commercial projects.

In a nutshell here’s why Multipipe MLCP is better than copper or pushfit.

  • Designed to last–  Multipipe’s MLCP system has been tested to have a design life of over 50 years. We’ve been supplying MLCP for use in both domestic and commercial installations for 20 years so you can be confident that we’ll be here for you long after the job has been installed.
  • Designed for inherent flexibility– the key to our MLCP system’s success is the pipework’s ability to form around corners and obstructions without adding fittings or connections. This feature is ideal when the pipework is installed within a wall, ceiling or under a floor.
  • Designed for speed- Installing Multipipe MLCP is fast and easy with just three steps. Cut the pipe, add the fitting and press the connection! Our MLCP does not need deburring or calibration and our superior design means that each connection can be completed in seconds.
  • Designed to make your life easier- our system is not only fast, efficient, safe and secure, we also offer complete project and installation support, including system design and training.

In the past year, we helped numerous installers to move to MLCP, resulting in faster, cleaner, more secure, and more profitable installations. Check out our library of helpful ‘how-to’ videos to see how easy it is to move to MLCP

How can Multipipe MLCP benefit me?

Connections Icon
Fewer connections
MLCP requires fewer connections to navigate bends & obstacles than copper, saving you time & money while reducing the potential for leaks.
4-Step Installation
Designed for a fast & safe installation process to save you time, no soldering or hot work permits are required to form joints.
Reliable support team
Our internal technical team can provide any expert support or training you need to get the most out of Multipipe products.
No deposit build up or corrosion
We have merged modern, temperature resistant PE-RT with metal, preventing the formation of deposits and corrosion
Saves time
The piping can be bent by hand, meaning that there is no need to use tools and there are fewer fittings required.
The lightweight pipes make it easier for you to work with but you still have the high-quality piping you need
How - To - Videos
A collection of videos to help you make the most of Multipipe products
Technical Support
Our team are here to answer any technical queries you might have
Price guides and technical datasheets to installation guides designed to make life easy
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