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MLCP Plumbing
High-grade materials, innovative research, and a patented production process guarantee the highest quality product and ensure your projects' long-term safety
Underfloor Heating
Multipipe have a range of UFH systems to suit every building, from retrofit home improvements to new constructions, compatible with renewable energy sources and traditional systems
Below ground Pre-Insulated Pre-Ins pipe held by technician
Pre-Insulated Pipes
Flexible, energy-saving below ground pre-insulated pipe systems are perfectly suited for transporting hot water between remote heat sources and building applications.
Heat Interface Units
Reliable, eco-friendly and efficient temperate control systems widely accepted as the norm for new build developments.

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What is VDI2035, and why do I need it?
What is VDI2035, and why do I need it?

VDI2035 is a set of water quality guidelines for heating water developed in 2009 by the Association of German Engineers. The equivalent in the UK would be BS7593; however, it is widely accepted that the VDI2035 is based on stronger scientific evidence and is much more in-depth. Compared to the VDI2035, the UK’s equivalent set […]

Why the location of the manifold is important to the system.
Why the location of the manifold is important to the system.

When planning your UFH systems, it is often easier to locate your manifold in a place where it has a short run from the boiler to the manifold. However, because boilers are typically found near external walls, this can mean larger amounts of “feed pipes” go under the floor. In this article, we look at […]

How MLCP helps homes with hard water
How MLCP helps homes with hard water

Whether you are a professional fitter or just starting out, it is important you understand the long-term damage that hard water can cause to your pipes and how you can prevent the build-up of limescale. Hard water is quite common in urban regions of the UK, particularly in the south and east of the country. […]