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MLCP Plumbing
High-grade materials, innovative research, and a patented production process guarantee the highest quality product and ensure your projects' long-term safety
Underfloor Heating
Multipipe have a range of UFH systems to suit every building, from retrofit home improvements to new constructions, compatible with renewable energy sources and traditional systems
Below ground Pre-Insulated Pre-Ins pipe held by technician
Pre-Insulated Pipes
Flexible, energy-saving below ground pre-insulated pipe systems are perfectly suited for transporting hot water between remote heat sources and building applications.
Heat Interface Units
Reliable, eco-friendly and efficient temperate control systems widely accepted as the norm for new build developments.

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Controlling the Feeds in an UFH System
Controlling the Feeds in an UFH System

UFH systems tend to rely on central manifold locations to distribute each loop through the floor. When you have a larger dwelling with more than five loops, you will find that near the manifold and even through hallways and rooms, you end up with lots of pipes at closer centres. These tend to overheat the […]

Eight MLCP Pipe Myths Busted
Eight MLCP Pipe Myths Busted

If you’re using copper or pushfit plumbing pipe, there can be doubts which stop you from making the change to Multipipe MLCP. We’re here to help bust some popular myths and maybe give you a reason to make the change to a modern piping solution.  Myth One – MLCP is expensive  MLCP pipe is actually cheaper than copper; however, you may […]

Installation of UFH into the concrete sub-floor
Installation of UFH into the concrete sub-floor

Since UFH came to the UK over 30 years ago, it has grown in popularity as a great way to heat both domestic and commercial buildings. When it boils down to it, not a lot has changed, and now many companies are offering a UFH design and supply solution. But did you know that with […]