Pre-Insulated Pipes

Flexible, energy-saving below ground pre-insulated pipe systems are perfectly suited for transporting hot water between remote heat sources and building applications.

  • 35 Items
Single Heating Pipe
Double Heating Pipe
Single Sanitary Pipe
Double Sanitary Pipe
Quadruple Sanitary/Heating Pipe
Single Cool Pipe
Single Cool Pipe with Frost Protection
PE-X Terminal Connectors – For Heating and Cool Pipe
PE-X Terminal Connectors – Sanitary
PE-X x PE-X Straight Couplings
PE-X x PE-X Elbow Couplings
Weld-end Connectors – Heating
Fix Points
Elbows (90°)
Reducing Bushes
Straight Insulation Sleeve
Eliot RFID Detection
T-Insulation Kit
Reducing Adapter Sets for Insulation Kits
Repair Tape
Warning Tape
Shrink Sleeves
Seal Chain Assembly
Fibre Cement Wall Sleeve
Wall Feed Through Assembly for non-pressurised water
Dust End Cap Single
Shrink End Cap
Dust End Cap Double
Dust End Cap Quad
Shrink End Cap Double
  • 35 Items