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44-061xx – Maxima LS Manifold Data Sheet


Excelsior Heating Case Study download
Excelsior Heating Services Case Study
44-061xx – Maxima FM Manifold Data Sheet
Underfloor Heating or Radiators – which is better
Underfloor heating or radiators – which is better?
Multipipe blog: RAAC issues impact beyond building structure
RAAC issues impact beyond building structure
Hot Water Secondary Recirculation Efficiency
Evolution Of Pumpstations
Multipipe March 2023 Full Price Guide
Multipipe Company Overview
11-M2xxxx – Modular Fittings Technical Datasheet
7 reasons why smart heating is best
Seven reasons why smart heating is the best option for your building
HIUS Meters & Values
10 reasons to swap to MLCP
Ten reasons to swap from copper or push-fit to MLCP
Multipipe Info Pack
Underfloor Heating Smart Manifold
How MLCP helps homes with hard water
10-072xx Altis Dry Technical Datasheet
Multipipe Pre-Insulated Pipe Sales Brochure
10-1630x Tacker System Technical Datasheet
Multipipe 22-02423 24v Auto Balancing Actuator
what is VDI2035
What is VDI2035, and why do I need it?
10-16130 Fit From Below J Plate Technical Datasheet
Pre Insulated Pipe Heat Loss Data
10-16240 Heat Plate Double HEP Technical Datasheet
Pre-Insulated Pipe Pressure Test
10-22201 Fortis Timber Technical Datasheet
Pre Insulated Pipe Pressure Loss
10-50000E Tacker Gun Technical Datasheet
Mounting Instructions for WSL Wall Feed Through Assembly
Pipe centres & UFH
Understanding the impact of pipe centres on UFH systems
11-143xx 9mm MLC Pre-insulated Pipe Technical Datasheet
Mounting Instructions for T & L Insulation Kits
11-230xx Metal Press Elbow Technical Datasheet
Mounting Instructions for SIS Straight Insulation Sleeves
11-530xx PPSU Press Elbow Technical Datasheet
Mounting Instructions for Shrink End Caps
11-40025 Altis Flow Technical Datasheet
Mounting Instructions for PE-X Terminal Connectors
11-M2xxxx Modular Fittings Technical Datasheet
Pre-Insulated Pipes Installation Guide
21-061xx Lockshield Technical Datasheet
Rio Controls Brochure
22-00003 Rio Digital Thermostat Technical Datasheet
22-23006 Quantum Digital Thermostat Technical Datasheet
23-11215 Fortis ECO Technical Datasheet
35-11212 Fortis LITE Technical Datasheet
Multipipe Retrofit Screed System Sales Brochure
35-11214 Fortis PRO Technical Datasheet
Multilek Electric Underfloor Heating Brochure
MLC Coiled Pipe Technical Datasheet
Multipipe Underfloor Heating System Warranty Statement
Multipipe Underfloor Heating Specification
22-00003 Wireless RF Programmable Thermostat (Smart Compatible)
22-00002 Wireless RF Digital Thermostat (Smart Compatible)
22-02401 Dial 24v Thermostat
22-00001 Wireless RF Dial Thermostat (Smart Compatible)
22-02402 Digital 24 V Thermostat
Quantum Thermostat User Guide
22-02412 Master 6-Zone Wiring Centre for 24 V
22-23012 Master 6-Zone Wiring Centre for 230 V
MLC Fittings Install Guide
22-23003 Programmable 230v Thermostat
22-99998 SMART Universal Gateway
22-23002 Digital 230v Thermostat
22-02403 Digital Programmable Thermostat 24V
22-99908 Wireless RF Programmable Thermostat & Receiver
22-02413 Master 8-Zone Wiring Centre 24V
22-23001 Dial 230v Thermostat
RIO Thermostat User Guide (22-00003 – HTRP-RF)
22-23015 Single Channel Digital Time Clock for 230v
22-02423 24v Auto Balancing Actuator
22-00014 Wireless 4 Zone Slave Extension
22-00006 – Quantum wireless install guide
22-99908 Wireless RF Programmable Thermostat & Receiver
22-23006 – Quantum 230v Full System Guide
22-00003 HTRP RF50 Full Guide
22-23001 Dial 230v Thermostat
22-23015 Single Channel Digital Time Clock for 230V
22-02423 Auto Balancing Actuator
22-00014 Wireless 4 Zone Slave Extension
22-00013 Wireless 8 Zone Master Wiring Centre
22-23014 230V 4 Zone Slave Extension
22-02413 24V 8 Zone Master Wiring Centre
22-00001 Wireless Dial Room Thermostat
22-99999 Electric Monitor
22-99991 Smart Relay
22-99994 Thermostatic Radiator Valve
22-99995 – Boiler Receiver
22-99997 Window Sensor
22-99993 Smart Plug
22-99910 Signal Repeater
22-23014 230V 4 Zone Slave Extension
Multipipe T&C
MLCP Technical Manual
Multipipe MLCP Chemical Disinfection
Multipipe MLCP Sizing Charts
Heat Interchange Unit Technical Guide
Commissioning UFH
The Importance of Commissioning Your UFH System
5 Benefits of Smart Heating for your Customers
Staple System Preparation & Installation
Pressure Testing Your Underfloor Heating System
Below ground Pre-Insulated Pre-Ins pipe held by technician
5 simple statistics that prove District Heating is the future of UK heat distribution
5 things your installer competitors are doing that you should too
Are you using the best solution to fill and maintain your heating water?
Barn converted to events venue using Multipipe underfloor heating
Changes to Part L of Building Regs
Change to Part L of the Building Regulations and how this might affect the completion of a project.
smart TRVs
Could smart TRV’s save you money this winter?
Customer Experience
Evolution of UFH and things to be aware of as an installer
Altis Flow Install Guide
Five point check for winter
Fortis LITE Install Guide
Prevent legionella in pipes
Five Ways to Prevent Legionella in Pipework
Fortis TIMBER Install Guide
mclp fitting calibration
How Multipipe’s MLCP compares to copper pricing
How to cut, calibrate and press multilayer pipes and fittings
9mm MLC pre-insulated pipe Technical Datasheet
Fortis PRO Install Guide
How to select the right room control for your heat emitter
Installation issues with MLCP
Installing a heat emission plate (HEP) system
It’s a #TechTuesday rant!
Mistakes suppliers make with installers
Multi-zone control and single zone control for heating
Multipipe Radiator Manifold
Multipipe Manifold Plumbing
How to reset your HTRP thermostat
Sustainable UFH
Multipipe supplies underfloor heating solutions for stunning Warwickshire housing project
MLCP fittings guide
How To Set Time & Date
How to Set Temperature Modes
How to Set Your Programme
Pipe in walls
Rio Quantum – Key Features Of Your Underfloor Heating Thermostat
Secondary recirculation systems
Secondary recirculation systems
RIO Thermostatic Controls – Multipipe
Quantum Thermostat
Multipipe Smart Innovation
How The Motorised TRV Provides Individual Room Temperature Control
Our Range Of Plumbing Manifolds – Multipipe
Filling & Venting Your UFH Manifold
UFH Quotations: What We Need From You For Your Personalised Quote – Multipipe
The green homes grant failed, but how could it have worked?
Eliminating Cold Spots: Common UFH Misconceptions – Multipipe
What to consider when asking for an underfloor heating quote – Multipipe
The importance of commissioning your UFH system
Ensuring Good Pipe Performance in New Builds or Extensions
The importance of screed in underfloor heating
Underfloor Heating Projects & Heat Loss In Pipes
The risk of legionella post lockdown
The Right Underfloor Heating Manifold For Different Heat Sources
Temporary Pipe End Cap For Testing MLCP – Multipipe
Underfloor heating systems and cold weather
Multilayer Modular 90 & 110 Pressing System – Multipipe
water quality in metal pipe systems
What are you doing now to prepare for the 2050 net-zero carbon target?
Connecting Copper Pipes To MLC Pipes
Industry Standards
What would minimum qualification standards mean for the plumbing industry?
How To Install Push Fittings Onto Our Multilayer Pipe – Multipipe
What You Can Do With Our Flexible Pipe Joints & Fittings
MLC Pipe Shaping & Bending – Multipipe
Cutting Pipe, Pressing And Calibrating: How To Use Our Multilayer Pipe And Fittings
MLCP vs. Copper Piping – What You Need To Know
5 Benefits of Attending Trade Mornings as an Installer
Multipipe Heat Emission Plates Data Sheet
do you install hot and cold pipes in floors
Do You Install Your Hot & Cold Pipes in Floors?
UFH patterns
UFH Patterns
Beginners guide to press-fit tools
A Beginners Guide to Getting Tooled Up
How MLCP Press-Fit Compares To Plastic Push-Fit
How MLCP Press-Fit Compares To Plastic Push-Fit
Fitting Underfloor Heating under Kitchen Units
UFH & Kitchen Units
Floor Covering for UFH
The benefits of Multipipe MLCP you NEED to know as an installer
MLCP – Coils vs. Straight Lengths
How You Should Run Your UFH System
Multipipe Decoiler Instructions
21-00003 & 21-23003 Programme Instructions
Lockshield Technical Data Sheet (March 2021)
Multipipe UFH Install Guide
Wall Elbow Plate 11-143XX
22-23024 Auto Balance Actuator
Klauke Jaw Profile Document
Manifold locations
Why the location of the manifold is important to the system.
9mm & 13mm Pre-insulated MLC Pipework – 11-143(10-50) & 11-144(10-50)
Multipipe Rio Quantum 22-23006
Multipipe Rio Quantum 22-20006
UFH Thermostat positions
Underfloor Heating Thermostat Positions
Multipipe 22-00013 Installation & Wiring Guide
free ways to promote your business
10 free ways plumbing installers can promote their business in 2021
Multipipe 22-23012 Wiring Guide
Multipipe 22-00013 Wiring Guide
Modular Press Fittings Chart
Multipipe Hyper-Flexible Pre-Inslated Piping


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