Cutting Pipe Pressing And Calibrating How To Use Our Multilayer Pipe And Fittings

In this video, Martin demonstrates cutting pipe, pressing, and bevelling with Multipipe’s Multilayer Pipe and Fittings. With MLC piping available in a range of sizes, from 12mm right up to 110mm, the procedure for cutting and beveling is very similar across the range. We have a range of cutters, from simple bladed cutters to comprehensive wheel cutters for larger diameter pipework.

Here are the instructions for cutting pipe and pressing with Multipipe’s Multilayer Pipe and Fittings:

0:44 – Start by cutting your pipe at a 90-degree angle using your pipe cutter.

1:24 – Next, use the Multipipe beveling tool to shave a 45-degree angle in the inner core.

2:46 – Then, use a pressing tool to secure the pipe fitting. When done properly, you should see white in all three windows of the fitting.

3:08 – You should then see pressing marks on the pipe fitting that show the installer that the press has been successfully made.

Follow this basic process to make cutting pipe, pressing and beveling easy.

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