Underfloor Heating

Multipipe have a range of UFH systems to suit every building, from retrofit home improvements to new constructions, compatible with renewable energy sources and traditional systems

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ESBE Rotary & Mixing Valves & Actuators
360e Controller
076e Indoor Sensor
084e Discreet Sensor
079e Slab Sensor
Rotary Pump Control Pack
Altis FLOW Edge Insulation with Polythene Apron
Pipe Bend Support
From: £1.22
Manifold & Parts Accessories (for Stainless Steel Radiator Manifolds)
From: £1.23
Universal 16-20mm Interlocking Clip Rail
From: £1.83
Single Area Pump Control Pack – A rated pump
From: £2.56
Heating Manifold Connector (Eurocone)
From: £2.65
Altis Dry Gypsum panel
From: £3.32
Aluminium Heat Emission Plate
From: £5.92
Multipipe Smart Relay housing
Repair Couplings
From: £8.13
Manifold & Parts Accessories (for Stainless Steel UFH Manifolds)
From: £8.17
Altis FLOW pipe positioning panel
Remote sensor and enclosure.
From: £11.53
Guillotine Pipe Cutter 16-20mm
Altis Flow System Panel
Guillotine Pipe Cutter
From: £14.70
Fortis Timber Structural Chipboard System
From: £15.12
Edge Insulation With Polythene Apron
From: £16.32
Underfloor Heating Pipe Staples
From: £17.29
From: £17.65
Fortis PRO System Board 1200 x 600 x 20mm
Fortis Lite System Board 1200 x 600 x 16mm
Pair 1″ Heating Manifold Ball Valves 1″ FT x 1″ MT (Red / Blue)
Fortis ECO -Foiled Routed Board
From: £30.71
Smart 2 Button Switch
SMART Signal Repeater
SMART Pipe Sensor
Pipe Conduit 50m
From: £39.65
RIO 230v Programmable Thermostat
Pair of Ball Valves for Stainless Steel UFH Manifolds with temperature gauge
  • 77 Items