Web-only specials and clearance products from across the Multipipe range.

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***CLEARANCE*** 16x2mm Pex Pipe underfloor heating pipe – 75m Coil
***CLEARANCE *** 20x2mm Pex underfloor heating pipe – 500m Coil
***CLEARANCE*** 25x22mm Metal press to copper spigot adapter (tin plated)
***CLEARANCE*** 16m coil Single Heating Pipe – 140/50×4.6 PE-Xa SDR11 PN6
***CLEARANCE*** 16m Coil of Single Cool Pipe – 140/50×4.6 PE-HD SDR11 PN16
***CLEARANCE*** 100m coil Double Sanitary Pipe 140/32+25
***CLEARANCE*** 1″ Water Meter Assembly
Metal Press Fittings Bundle
***CLEARANCE*** 1/2″ Male Plug
***CLEARANCE*** 3/4″ Male Plug
***CLEARANCE*** Interlocking clip rail 1 meter, c/w adhesive (for use with 12-17mm pipe)
***CLEARANCE*** 16×15 Metal press to copper spigot adapter (tin plated)
*** CLEARANCE *** RIO 230v Dial Thermostat
Heatmiser neoPlug Smart Plug
***CLEARANCE*** 8-Zone 230v Wiring Centre
***CLEARANCE*** Multipipe master 6-zone wiring centre (24v) c/w transformer
Heatmiser Touch – Programmable Touchscreen Room Thermostat
***CLEARANCE*** 20x2mm PE-RT pipe underfloor heating only – 120m coil
  • 18 Items