Filling And Venting Your UFH Manifold

In this video, Martin walks you through the correct procedure for filling your new UFH manifold. When it comes to filling underfloor heating systems, it is very important to listen to all the steps before you begin. This ensures no air is left in the system, giving you a trouble-free installation.

Steps for Filling and Venting Your UFH Manifold:

0:50 – We always begin filling underfloor heating systems by bringing in fresh water. To do that, turn off the isolation valves and turn on the temperature gauge.

1:07 – Next, open up each of the actuator ports and pull the caps off the flow meters. Close all of the flow meters except for the first one.

1:53 – Attach hose lock connectors to the flow and vent ports.

2:24 – Then, attach hose pipes to the top and bottom ports; once you’ve filled the first circuit, open the next flow meter and repeat the process of filling it. Make sure to close each flow meter after you’ve filled it.

3:54 – You’ll know it’s time to move on to the next flow meter when you get a constant flow of water.

5:42 – Close off the hose, turn off the water tap, and close the filling port.

6:22 – Last, vent the pump and UFH manifold using the port and the vent keys.