MLCP vs. Copper Piping – What You Need To Know

Do you use copper piping?

As good as it is, MLCP could be making things even easier for you. Multilayer Composite Piping is a modern temperature resistant PE-RT that’s combined with metal to create a high-quality alternative to copper pipes. Whether used in domestic or commercial projects, this product will save you valuable time and money. Check out just a few reasons installers are making the switch from Copper piping to MLCP in this video.

0:08 – It’s easy to form and can be bent by hand for rapid and safe installations.

0:18 – It provides the advantages of both metal and plastic piping.

0:28 – It combines temperature resistant PE-RT with metal, preventing the formation of deposits and corrosion.

0:37 – It is very lightweight, making it easier to work with than copper piping; yet it still has the high quality you need.

0:51 – It is available for delivery across mainland UK and if you place your order before 2pm, it will be with you the next day.

For more information or for help with Multipipe products please get in touch today via: Technical Support Line – 01245 850799 Main phone number – 01245 227630