Could smart TRV’s save you money this winter?

Smart TRV’s

My house is 100 years old and like 80% of UK houses it has radiators heated by an oil-fired boiler. Until 2 years ago we weren’t able to control the heating properly and it was getting expensive.
To get this sorted I installed manual thermostatic radiator valves, but it was difficult getting the heating balance right for each room. That’s especially tricky when you’re heating a 2-storey home. Setting and adjusting each TRV manually was a bit of a pain.
Then along came Smart Control Motorised TRV’s. They give you independent room control just like modern underfloor heating systems. In fact if you have UFH to the ground floor, why not upgrade the first floor using smart TRV’s?.
The wireless TRV’s run off a gateway connected to your home’s router. You can program the settings for each radiator using an App on your smartphone and the wireless room thermostat and gateway monitors and adjusts the TRV’s accordingly.
Problem solved! I have complete control now, heat is properly apportioned throughout the home and this system saves me around 2000 litres of heating oil every year, so payback was genuinely quick.

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