How to Bury Pipes in the Wall for a Seamless Look

Ditch the Ugly Boxing: Bury Your Pipes in the Wall for a Seamless Look

Exposed pipes are an eyesore in any modern home. Traditionally, they’ve been hidden behind bulky boxing, detracting from the clean aesthetic. But there’s a better way! Embedding pipes directly into the wall offers a smooth, visually appealing solution.

This method is gaining popularity, with plumbers increasingly burying plastic pipes within walls before plastering over them. This not only eliminates the need for unsightly boxing but also protects pipes from corrosion thanks to their plastic nature.

However, before you start to bury pipes in the wall, it’s crucial to consider the type of pipe you have. Here’s a key point to remember:

  • PEX or PB pipes: Wrap these in foil tape to ensure easy detection with a pipe locator in case of future repairs.
  • Multipipe MLC: These pipes don’t require tape due to their metal barrier and can be safely buried without compromising detection.

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So, ditch the outdated boxing and embrace the clean look of embedded pipes. With the right considerations and materials, you can achieve a beautiful, seamless finish in your home.

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