Pipe in Walls

Pipe in Walls

In this tech Tuesday I would like to speak to you about more of a problem. As we move closer to aesthetically pleasing homes, one thing is for certain. People do not like pipework on walls. These are typically hidden after with ugly boxing in running the lines of your lovely new home, or even worse they are not boxed in meaning every couple of years you have to paint them but more serious could be a scald risk.

Why Not Bury Them in the Wall?

Why not bury them in the wall? More plumbers are moving to put the pipe into the wall themselves and plastering over them, which is great. Plastic pipes do mean that you do not have to protect them as they are corrosion-free. But before you get the paintbrush out you do need to consider the type of pipe you have in the wall, and how later on you can find that pipe to avoid embarrassing calls to your plumber when you have gone through them.
Always ensure any all plastic pipe (normally called PEX or PB pipe) is wrapped in a foil tape, this ensures when you pass a detector over it picks up the pipe! If however, you have Multipipe MLC because the metal barrier you do not need tape and it can still be happily buried in walls.
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