How To Set Time & Date

Let us show you how to set time and date for underfloor heating thermostats!

It’s important because without setting this detail, the programme could pick the incorrect day of the week. This means that heating may not come on when it’s required! With step-by-step instructions, getting your system up and running is a simple process. The nice thing about underfloor heating thermostats is that once you have them set properly, they are very good at providing stable temperature control.

Setting Time and Date on Underfloor Heating Thermostats:

0:08 – You can begin to set time and date by pressing and holding the tick for 3 seconds.

0:13 – Then, press the right arrow to go to the hour and press the tick.

0:18 – Set the time format to 12hr or 24hr then press the tick.

0:22 – Next, change the time using the up/down arrow and use the left/right to move to minutes.

0:38 – Now, set the year and press the tick.

0:44 – Then, set the month and press the tick.

0:49 – Finally, set the day and press the tick to finish.