The benefits of Multipipe MLCP you NEED to know as an installer

Multipipe Multilayer Composite Pipe (MLCP) – there’s no better product on the market.

If you’re an installer looking to save time, whilst still delivering high-quality, secure plumbing solutions then read on.

What is Multipipe MLCP?

It’s the future of the plumbing industry.

Manufactured with 5-layer modern PERT, PEX and aluminium, Multipipe Multilayer Composite Pipe is the high-quality and secure solution installers are turning to as an alternative to copper and push-fit piping. Complete with our highly technical support team, there is nothing better on the market than Multipipe’s offering.

How can Multipipe’s MLCP benefit me as an installer?

We’re always happy to help – from project solution advice to quick fix ideas and inspiration.

Full technical support

  • Our internal technical team can provide any expert or support you need to get the most out of your Multipipe products.

 Stock options and availability

  • A friendly sales team with the pipes and fittings to suit every project and budget
  • Large levels of stock held with rapid nationwide delivery options.

It won’t leak

  • Sealed from inside the pipe, it’s more resistant than push-fit piping in transport and stays securely sealed when installed.
  • Easily bend the pipe by hand to navigate obstacles without extra joints and clipping points. It’s completely form stable with no snapback.

There’s no hot works required

  • Simple yet incredibly secure 4-step installation process
  • Cleaner installations that save on paperwork, time and money

It’s cleaner

  • The high-grade materials and manufacturing process prevents the formation of deposits and corrosion
  • WRAS approved and ideal for drinking water transportation
  • Our MLCP is popular for health industry applications like hospitals

It performs just like metal piping

  • Low heat expansion and fittings to suit any project need.
  • A lighter, easier to transport alternative to heavy copper alternatives.

With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why more plumbers are choosing Multipipe MLCP for their piping solutions.

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