As heating systems become more energy efficient, they also increase in complexity. Traditionally, a system would require high-temperature water, which can cause wasteful overheating and high energy use. As heating engineers, we now need to think about energy usage on behalf of our clients, not only for the benefit of the environmental impact of carbon emissions but also for our customer’s pockets. With this, you, as the expert, have to take on even more responsibility to engineer the system’s heat source and emitters.

This is where Multipipe’s Pumpstations can help you enormously in the design of your next project.

Increasing the efficiency and comfort for your customer, especially in older renovation work, it can mean different running temperatures are required in a single-temperature system.   It is common to use different heat emitters for different floors or rooms. Usually, you have just two choices:

  1. Remove the existing heat emitters, resize the entire pipe layout and heat emitters to run at a single temperature (if you also need to provide hot sanitary water, this may not be feasible)


  1. Run the system heat generator (gas/oil boiler or heat pump) at a higher temperature (usually dictated by your hot sanitary water requirement) and then locally blend the zones depending on their design requirement.

Pumpstations act as your compact/combined local blending and distribution centre. Combining an easy-to-install,  modular & fully insulated complete solution. The heat generator (boiler or heat pump) primary circulates around the low-loss header. When a secondary circuit is in demand, the pump draws from the header the water it requires. This helps to reduce cycling as this is much softer when the system calls for heat, making your system more efficient.

There will be 3 main versions.


Direct flow Pumpstation.

This unit is ideal where mixing is not required, but there is a need to monitor system temperature. Perfect for radiators and/or hot water cylinders that require high temperatures.


Fixed Temperature Pumpstation

The fixed temperature unit is designed where there is a requirement for a continuous lower supply temperature than that on

the primary side of the system. This is perfect for sensitive UFH systems, also towel rails circuits or where there is a risk of scalding.

Variable Temperature Pumpstation

We also offer a rotary valve version. When coupled with a water temperature controller and actuator, a variable water temperature can be provided, perhaps based upon the outside temperature (eg: weather-compensated system), further increasing comfort & efficiency by lowering or raising water temperature cooler/warmer days.

 We at Multipipe are offering a new range of Pumpstations from November 2022. If you would like further information, please SIGN UP NOW