7 Classic UFH installation errors. And how to avoid them

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7 Classic UFH installation errors. And how to avoid them

7 Classic UFH installation errors. And how to avoid them As the UK moves towards its net carbon zero goals, the installation of underfloor heating systems is growing in popularity. However, it’s not without its pitfalls. This article looks at seven of the most common mistakes made during UFH installations and why it’s best to […]

Changes to Building Regs Part L, F & O

Changes to Building Regs Part L, F & O In December 2021, the UK Government announced the first major changes to the Building Regulations in nearly a decade by releasing the latest approved documents affecting parts L, F & O. The Future Homes Standard (FHS) is due to be implemented in 2025. The new building […]

UFH Manifolds Explained

. TheUFH Manifolds Explained As underfloor heating installation grows increasingly popular, it’s important to understand the critical parts of a UFH system and how they operate. This post will explain what a manifold is and how it works. Manifolds are the central control hubs of water in underfloor heating systems. They manage water flow rates […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Multipipe in 2022

Work Smarter The new year is often when people start to make resolutions to help them shape their year and improve their lives and work. So why not get ahead of the curve and read our top 5 tips on how to work smarter with Multipipe in 2022. If these make it on to your […]

Heat Pumps – Is the government focusing on the right issue?

Are Heat Pumps the Future? The latest government announcement offers homeowners an incentive of up to £5,000 to fit a renewable source heat pump instead of a gas boiler in a bid to help the UK meet its net carbon goals.   For the end-user, this may seem an excellent benefit when it comes to finally […]

Why it’s essential to select the right thermostat for your UFH system.

The right thermostat for your UFH system. When selecting thermostats for a client, do you base it on the ease of use, aesthetics, price or maybe all three? There is the fourth point with UFH systems that is often overlooked and yet is the most important of all.  Read on to find our why you […]

11 tips for new UFH installers

11 Tips for new UFH installers Starting on any new venture can be daunting, and these days there is so much information around that it can become overwhelming. So to keep things simple when it comes to starting out with underfloor heating installations here’s our top 11 tips! You’re not on your own. Multipipe’s friendly […]

Controlling the Feeds in an UFH System

Controlling the Feeds in an UFH System UFH systems tend to rely on central manifold locations to distribute each loop through the floor. When you have a larger dwelling with more than five loops, you will find that near the manifold and even through hallways and rooms, you end up with lots of pipes at […]

Eight MLCP Pipe Myths Busted

Eight MLCP Pipe Myths Busted If you’re using copper or pushfit plumbing pipe, there can be doubts which stop you from making the change to Multipipe MLCP. We’re here to help bust some popular myths and maybe give you a reason to make the change to a modern piping solution.  Myth One – MLCP is expensive  MLCP pipe is actually cheaper […]

Installation of UFH into the concrete sub-floor

Installing UFH in concrete sub floors Since UFH came to the UK over 30 years ago, it has grown in popularity as a great way to heat both domestic and commercial buildings. When it boils down to it, not a lot has changed, and now many companies are offering a UFH design and supply solution. […]

The Importance of Commissioning Your Underfloor Heating System

The Importance of Commissioning Your Underfloor Heating System This #TechTuesday article will explain why it’s vital to commission, or ‘balance’ as it’s also known, your underfloor heating system.   Underfloor Heating Flowmeters  When a traditional radiator system runs (without balancing), you will find that some radiators are warmer than others. This is because water takes the […]

Underfloor Heating Thermostat Positions

Underfloor Heating Thermostat Positions If you follow my #TechTuesday posts, you will know I talk a lot about the importance of good underfloor heating system design. Great design ensures you get the most from your UFH system by planning, designing, and carefully picking the right products. However, after all that, you can still let your […]

Can Underfloor Heating Save On Your Energy Bills?

Can Underfloor Heating Save On Your Energy Bills? One consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is that an increased number of people have been working from home. Working from home has proved a popular lifestyle choice and therefore the trend is projected to continue for the foreseeable future.  The number of people working from home expected […]

What is VDI2035, and why do I need it?

What is VDI2035, and why do I need it? VDI2035 is a set of water quality guidelines for heating water developed in 2009 by the Association of German Engineers. The equivalent in the UK would be BS7593; however, the construction industry widely accepts that the VDI2035 is based on stronger scientific evidence and is much […]

Why the manifold location is important to the system.

Manifold Locations When planning your UFH systems, it is often easier to locate your manifold in a place where it has a short run from the boiler to the manifold. However, because boilers are typically found near external walls, this can mean larger amounts of “feed pipes” go under the floor. In this article, we […]