The Importance of Commissioning Your Underfloor Heating System

The Importance of Commissioning Your Underfloor Heating System

This #TechTuesday article will explain why it’s vital to commission, or ‘balance’ as it’s also known, your underfloor heating system.  

Underfloor Heating Flowmeters 

When a traditional radiator system runs (without balancing), you will find that some radiators are warmer than others. This is because water takes the path of least resistance and flows (typically) around the radiator closest to the boiler. We fit lockshield valves to increase the resistance to the closest radiators, ensuring the water is pushed around the entire system. The same applies to your underfloor heating system.   

Unlike a radiator system, you do not have lockshields with underfloor heating. Instead, you have located on your manifold a flowmeter. These serve two purposes; they should flow through the loop but also help adjust the balance. Adjusting the flowmeters depending on the size of the loop in the floor will help ensure optimum efficiency and comfort.  

Balancing Controls 

Many companies sell controls that “balance” the system. These controls work using the actuator pins (on the lower manifold bar) to either hold it half-open or pulse between open and shut. Either way, I’ve found these controls cause excessive wear on the actuator pins, and it seems I’m not alone. Many plumbers I speak to report leaking valve pins issues, which is why Multipipe recommends that you always commission a new underfloor heating system. A little work upfront will save trouble down the line – reinforcing your customers trust in your skills and reducing the likelihood of you having to return to remedy issues.  

I understand the need for auto-balancing controls. These are very good when retrofitted to existing systems where you do not know the coils’ length to balance. In this example, they can save time and money but still provide control of the system.  

Hydraulically Balancing the System 

However, when you’re installing a brand-new system and providing you lay your pipework following the drawings provided by your manufacturer, there is no reason why you cannot hydraulically balance your system.    

Why choose Multipipe as your UFH supplier?  

As part of our commitment to outstanding customer service, we at Multipipe are offering a new service whereby when you place your order, we will also support you with;  

  • A complete set of loop layouts  
  • Commissioning sheets and a guide for your end-user.  
  • Technical support – either by email or phone to ensure your installation goes smoothly  

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