Eliminating Cold Spots: Common UFH Misconceptions – Multipipe

Martin from Multipipe explains how cold spots can occur where piping hasn’t been taken below previously. He also covers common practices for eliminating these underfloor heating problems and discusses considerations regarding floor fixings like toilets and washbasins.

Traditionally, people didn’t pipe into their kitchen units. What we find now is that if you convert that kitchen to a different room design, you sometimes end up with cold spots on the floor. Islands are one example of a kitchen area where pipes often haven’t been taken down below. This can lead to some underfloor heating problems in the newly converted room.

It is now common practice to include the whole of the floor area when laying pipe into your kitchen. If you’re worried about the migration of heat from your floor into your kitchen units, then laying a little insulation on top of the floor before installation will prevent those possible underfloor heating problems.

It’s important to properly install underfloor heating in order to avoid cold spots and other heating issues. And be sure to avoid piping under anything that can be screwed to the floor.