Multilayer Modular 90 And 110 Pressing System – Multipipe

Learn about Multipipe’s Modular 90 and 110 Pressing System, along with how to distribute multilayer composite pipe using the press adaptor. One of the great things about this system is that it makes it easy to connect different size pipes to the main body.

Press adaptors are what allow you to do this. Once the press adaptors have been prepared, you can connect them to multilayer composite pipe using a large pressing tool. With this pressing system, a wide range of pipe sizes can be accommodated.

An O-ring at the top of the fitting ensures a tight seal, while a locking ring keeps everything fastened securely together. Whether it’s a smaller size pipe, a female adaptor, or an end cap, this system makes attaching any kind of multilayer composite pipe both simple and secure. This is truly a unique pressing system that can accommodate a wide variety of pipe sizes.

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