Mistakes Suppliers Make with Installers

Mistakes Suppliers Make with Installers

For installers, a lack of consistency from your piping supplier can often cause problems. In what can often be a turbulent working relationship, we’ve outlined some of the biggest mistakes a supplier can make – and the things you can do to improve the service you get from your own supplier.

  1. Constantly trying to sell to you

Admittedly, it is the supplier’s job to sell things. Sometimes though, when that’s all you see or hear from them, it can get a bit exhausting. A cursory scroll through their twitter feed leaves you wondering if any human beings actually work there or if they are just an automated, faceless entity whose sole purpose is to throw product after product at you, regardless of its relevance or not. This can often leave you wondering “What’s in it for me?”
This type of relentless product focus lessens your customer experience, and with competition so fierce you should demand nothing but the best. You’re not a number in a social media following or an email address in a system – you’re a human, a professional who wants a well-rounded service providing not only high-quality products for your projects but the customer service and technical support to match.
Multipipe differs from other suppliers in that we appreciate the forming of long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships. We build these by offering you personal, friendly customer service with expert technical support in tandem with our high-quality offering of UK held stock. From this, you get a service that truly understands yours and the industries needs and can offer you the technical advice you need for your projects while also providing you with innovative stock options to choose from.

  1. Unavailable

Every installer has been there. Something has gone wrong with a product and you need to call your supplier for some information on how to get it sorted to finish your job. The only problem? They’re impossible to get hold of.
This even extends to when you need parts for a job urgently and can’t get through to them to place an order. If a supplier is being difficult to do business with, it won’t be long before their customers start looking elsewhere to get the service they deserve.
With our in-house customer service and technical departments, you can always get in touch with someone who knows about your project in detail to get an expert support or place the orders you need. We offer training for our entire product range. This gives you the confidence in our products to provide the highest quality works for your own clients.

  1. No product knowledge

You’ve managed to get a hold of your supplier and explained you’re having a problem with their product. Their response? Check the manual, as if that wasn’t the first thing you did.
A lack of industry or product knowledge from your supplier can leave you without the resources you might need to get a job done properly.  If your supplier can’t help you, where else is there to turn? You’ve then got to slog through a dense product manual and figure out what you can do, a time-consuming solution if you’re on the clock to finish a job.
Multipipe know the installer experience doesn’t end when you buy a product, and that support should be ongoing throughout the project installation. Suppliers should provide not only the product but the knowledge required to use it correctly and efficiently.
That’s why our expert technical team and sales departments are integrated so that you can get in touch with someone who knows about the product as well as the project you’re working on to better advise you on the product’s relevant application, helping you get the job finished faster and to a high-quality.

  1. Running out of stock

When a job is time-sensitive, the last thing you want to hear when you need a part is that your supplier has run out of stock. This can happen quite frequently with smaller merchant stores that simply don’t have the capacity to store a lot of stock in-house.
When you use a supplier like Multipipe, you get access to huge levels of UK held stock with next-day delivery. Our warehouse is full of the latest industry-relevant and innovative piping solutions, dictated by what you need as an installer to provide you with the most relevant and useful products for your needs. Having delivered our orders on time in full over 98% of the time for 4 months on the run, you can trust Multipipe to get the products you need when you need them.

Many suppliers lack consistency in the aspects that matter to you, whether it’s a poor customer service experience or simply not having enough of the products you need.
If you’re looking for a well-rounded piping solutions supplier with a focus on outstanding customer service, Multipipe can provide you with the technical support and innovative products you need to complete high-quality works for your own customers.
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