How To Install Push Fittings Onto Our Multilayer Pipe – Multipipe

In this video, Martin from Multipipe discusses our range of push fittings, which are ideal for spaces with restricted access or when pressing tools are unavailable. He also explains how to install push-fit connections onto our multilayer pipe.

These push fittings are extremely easy to use and convenient; however, keep in mind that they are non-demountable. Fortunately, the see-through material makes it easy to spot any errors.

These products are versatile and create secure connections that you can depend on.

Tips for Making Push-Fit Connections:

0:14 – The circumstances in which you may want to use push fittings.

0:24 – How to prepare the pipe.

0:33 – How to insert the pipe into the fitting.

0:48 – You can always check your push-fit connections by making sure the pipe is in as far as it can go.