Underfloor Heating Projects And Heat Loss In Pipes

In this video, Martin from Multipipe explains how areas of heat loss in pipes can affect your underfloor heating project, and why doing heat loss calculations is so important — particularly in older buildings that don’t meet heat loss regulations.

It’s common practice to fit pipes close together in areas where there is a high degree of heat loss. The idea is to reduce pipe spacing in order to counteract the heat loss in pipes. It’s all going to depend on the plan that you have for your underfloor heating project, but generally, 150 spacings are what you want.

Underfloor heating will give you a certain amount of output, which is given in watts per square meter. Just be careful if you’ve got some older properties. If they’re not well insulated then they may be particularly vulnerable to heat loss.

If you’re concerned about heat loss in pipes, you should get that amount calculated. It’s something that can affect the results of any underfloor heating project.