5 Benefits of Smart Heating For Your Customers

Five Benefits of Smart Heating

As technology progresses, your customers will be looking to use these advances to make their everyday lives easier. With access to smartphones and powerful apps, the dream of an automated home is now more of a reality. One feature of this new technology is the use of smart heating control systems, allowing people to control and schedule their home’s energy usage wherever they are. But what exactly are the benefits of this technology for your customers and why would they be interested in buying it?

  1. Save energy – and money

While a smart heating system won’t directly save money like switching energy supplier will, it does allow your customers to heat their home more efficiently and saves money in the long run. Lowering or raising the temperature in the home depending on living habits and only using energy when it’s needed can offer considerable annual savings. Research suggests thermostats could knock more than £100 a year off annual energy bills.

  1. Convenience

With smart heating connected to the house wi-fi, it suits the busy and the tech-savvy. Whether your customers need to adjust the temperature of their home while on the go or simply don’t want to get up from the couch to manually adjust the heating, they can access control of their heating via their smartphone, pc or even by voice controls.

  1. Reduce human error

Using schedules and preferences makes it easy for your customers to be more energy efficient, allowing the thermostat to automatically raise or drop the home’s temperature as and when it needs to. Gone are the days of leaving the heating on all day in an empty home that doesn’t need it!

  1. Program it with ease

While the technology might seem complex and difficult to use, it’s in the manufacturer’s interest to create functional controls with well-designed accompanying apps. An example of this is the RIO range of smart heating controls which features plug in and play setup and is paired with an app to make things as easy as possible for installation and use. Everything from raising an individual room’s temperature to viewing energy consumption for the day/week/month/year can be done in just a few taps on a screen!

Apps on smart phones make smart heating more accessible than ever

  1. Receive reports

The ability to view reports wherever and whenever via an app on a smartphone gives your customer the ability to better understand their heating use and adjust their behaviour and preferences to save money. The reports can get as in-depth as showing usage by the hour right the way up to a yearly overview of energy spent.

With smart heating controls becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, it’s important to provide them with quality products. Multipipe provide a wide range of temperature control systems for both underfloor and traditional radiator systems. Browse the exciting range of products your customers will love at www.multipipe.co.uk/ufh
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