Customer Experience

Outstanding Customer Experience

I was so engrossed in a conversation about the fantastic sales
process we’d just experienced that I missed the turnoff home.

We were helping
our daughter to buy her first car. Having done our research, we headed off to a
local Toyota dealership expecting the usual high-pressure sales tactics. But we
were in for a surprise – a first-hand taste of Japanese customer-focused
business culture.

They greeted us
respectfully, answered our questions politely with a clear intention to make
this a good experience for us. There was never a sense of being driven towards
a decision to buy.

What a
refreshing change!

We did buy the
car and were so impressed that we started looking at something for my wife too.
They arranged for the Lexus dealer to call us, delivered a demo car to our
house and let us keep it for 36 hours.

Compare that
with the round-the-block test drive where they almost make you think they
suspect you’ll nick the vehicle!

They asked all
the right questions, spent an hour with us picking the colour and never pushed
to close the sale. On the way home, we couldn’t stop talking about it, which is
why we missed the motorway exit.

I’ve told heaps
of people this story. How do your customers talk about your

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