Pressure Testing Your Underfloor Heating System

In this video, Martin walks you through the correct procedure for pressure testing your new underfloor heating system. It is very important to listen to all the steps. This ensures the system can be correctly checked for leaks, giving you a trouble-free installation.

Steps for Pressure Testing Your Underfloor Heating System:

0:32 – Check the mains pressure by connecting a pressure gauge to the manifold.

1:42 – Make sure you prime the reservoir before attaching the pressure tester.

1:52 – Attach the loop from the pressure tester to the manifold.

2:20 – Be sure to check that the flow meters are fully open.

2:40 – Increase the pressure to between four and six bars.

3:06 – When you’ve reached a stable pressure, go ahead and close off the port and disconnect the tester.

4:14 – After maintaining the system’s pressure for about an hour, it’s time to depressurize the manifold, bringing it down to about one-and-a-half to two bars.

5:02 – Make sure the pipe is under pressure as it’s being screeded. When pressure testing your underfloor heating system, I suggest doing a wet test whenever possible; however, an air test can be done if frost is a concern.