How The Motorised TRV Provides Individual Room Temperature Control

We discuss how we’re taking underfloor heating to the next stage with thermostatic controls, providing the ability to offer individual room temperature control for both underfloor heating and radiator heating through the Motorised TRV.

We’re happy to be able to offer our clients an underfloor heating system downstairs and a radiator heating system upstairs — a very common situation these days. What’s not so common is having individual room temperature control with a radiator system. The Motorised TRV takes thermostatic controls to the next level by providing an extra level of regulation.

The product connects directly to the radiator on the valve and can be linked with the thermostat directly. With the ability to connect up to six TRVs to a single thermostat, complete individual room temperature control is easily achievable. Our thermostatic controls provide for a comfortable living experience.

By giving you complete temperature control, your home will be better regulated both upstairs and downstairs.