How to reset your HTRP thermostat

In this video we show you how to reset your HTRP thermostat, this should always be a last resort and most issues can normally be fixed without resetting, as this will also unregister this from the main control box.

Steps For How To Reset Your Thermostat:

0:13 – First press the tick button to illuminate the screen.

:17 – Now press & hold the left arrow and the up arrow at the same time for 3 seconds.

0:22 – Press the up arrow to move to setting 47 (if you press and hold it jumps in 5’s)

0:29 – Press the tick to enter setting 0:34 – Press tick to confirm reset. This will take some time to reset.

0:45 – Once del disappears then press tick to reset the thermostat.

1:00 – Once UFH use appears then you are ready to re-register.