Connecting Copper Pipes To MLC Pipes

In this video, Martin from Multipipe shows you how to transfer from Multipipe MLC pipe to traditional Copper materials like 15mm-22mm using Multipipe’s available pipe adapter options. When connecting copper pipes to MLC pipes, there are generally two ways of doing it: with a press copper fitting or a compression fitting.

By the end of this video, you’ll know how to go about connecting copper pipes using either type of pipe adapter.

Guide for Connecting Copper Pipes with a Pipe Adapter:

0:34 – After cutting and beveling the MLC pipe, attach a press-to-copper tail adapter.

0:58 – Connect the copper pipe to the copper stub and secure it using a press copper fitting or a compression fitting.

1:14 – Never use a blowlamp because it could damage the O-rings or the pipe itself.

1:32 – A compression fitting can be secured simply by tightening the nuts.