How MLCP Compares To Push-Fit Piping

How MLCP Compares To Push-Fit Piping

Our MLCP (Multilayer Composite Pipe) products have proven to be extremely popular with plumbers. With so many benefits, MLCP is fast becoming the most popular piping solution. But a lot of our customers want to know, is MLCP better than Push Fit Piping? While push-fit piping certainly has its benefits and is still great, a lot of plumbers are moving towards using MLCP for their customers. In this blog, we will be looking at the ways that MLCP is the new go-to for plumbing piping.

More Secure Fittings

Compared to traditional push-fit piping, MLCP secure fittings that can’t be knocked or blown off. This extra security not only benefits your customer, who will get to enjoy their new plumbing with greater assurance about its quality and longevity but can also benefit you as the installer. Less time spent having to explain why fittings and joints have come loose, as well as less time spent repairing these joints, means your workmanship won’t be questioned by customers with MLC pipe less likely to have joint seal issues that you need to fix.
mlcp fitting


Once bent, MLCP completely keeps its shape, lessening the need for fastening points in comparison to push fit piping. Again, this leads to a reduction in installation time. But what you are really saving is money. With less need for fastening points, you won’t have to buy as many resources to complete the installation, increasing the efficiency of both yours and your client’s budget.

Low Heat Expansion

Thanks to the specialist technology used to create the temperature resistant PE-RT, MLCP has a low heat expansion, performing comparatively to that of metal piping with the advantages of versatile plastic pipe.
Some push fit systems expand 8 times more than MLC at normal system temperatures, meaning the pipework can move after installation causing noise and stress on the fitting.
The low heat expansion makes MLCP incredibly durable – so much so that we give it a 25-year guarantee, with 50 years upon application.

Sealed For Hygiene

Most push-fit systems seal with an O-ring on the outside of the pipe, which under normal site conditions can get damaged or dirty.
Multipipe’s MLCP is sealed from inside the pipe, making it far more resistant to damage and reducing the potential for leaks in the system. WRAS approved, MLCP is ideal for transporting drinking water hygienically, making it a popular choice for health industry applications such as hospitals.

In conclusion, while traditional products are good enough for the job, you want to stand out amongst your competition. Using the best, most innovative products will ensure that you are able to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. To find out more about MLCP, click HERE. To purchase your MLCP, either email our sales team on or call them on 01245 227630.
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