Staple System Preparation & Installation

In this video, Martin and David take you through the steps for installing underfloor heating using the standard staple system.

Showing also how to lay a Bifilar pattern (also known as a snail pattern) this gives a more even heat output, is easier to lay with closer centres and works best on higher delta T’s. This video shows the entire process of laying insulation onto the DPM and subfloor to the end connection and we have not demonstrated screeding as this is normally carried out after filling and pressure testing.

Steps for Installing Underfloor Heating Using the Staple System:

0:10 – Roll out edge insulation around the perimeter of the room.

0:56 – It’s a good idea to lay a polyethene sheet over the entire board.

1:00 – Next untuck the polyethene skirt on the edge insulation and tape to the polythene sheet.

1:11 – Mark up the floor with the pipe centres from your drawing.

1:58 – As you lay the pipes use clips to secure the fitting.

2:58 – Once complete make a final connection to the manifold.

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