Our Range Of Plumbing Manifolds – Multipipe

In this video, Martin from Multipipe shows you our range of plumbing manifolds available, including sanitary manifolds, radiation and the new technology of smart manifolds. We have a plumbing manifold system for whatever your needs may be. Whether you need hot or cold water, we have got you covered.

The options we have available will suit both radiator and underfloor heating systems. In fact, our new plumbing manifold system is even ideal for multiple floor constructions.

Key Features of Our Plumbing Manifolds:

0:42 – The sanitary manifold can be used for hot and cold supply. One of the benefits is that it has jointless plumbing. It also fits onto the wall easily with a sliding rail.

1:12 – Another of our popular plumbing manifolds is the radiator manifold. These are available from two to twelve ports.

1:25 – Then there’s the smart manifold. This combines radiator manifolds and underfloor heating all in one. In this model, you can set the water to leave the plumbing manifold system at different temperatures.