Temporary Pipe End Cap For Testing MLCP – Multipipe

In this video, Martin from Multipipe shows you how to temporarily terminate the end of the pipe when fixing MLCP using press end caps and our innovative demountable pipe end cap.

Before testing pipes, there are two recommended methods for terminating the end. The first method, however, uses a permanent, non-demountable fitting that will have to be cut off when removed. With the demountable end cap that we’ve developed, removal is simple; all you need is a collet remover and the pipe end cap will slide off.

How to Temporarily Stop Ends for Testing Pipes:

0:15 – You can use a press end cap, but this is a non-demountable fitting. You’ll have to cut the end section off if you want to reuse it.

0:25 – How to use the demountable end cap. Once you cut and bevel the pipe, you simply push the end cap onto the pipe.

0:42 – How to use a collet remover to take the end cap off after testing pipes.