Installation Issues With Metal Press Systems


Installation Issues With a Metal Press System

Over the last month, we have been receiving more calls from consultants taking metal press systems out of their specs due to full bore detachments on site. Here are the facts on this issue and how you can look at preventing this on your site.
Like with most systems, you can always install things wrong and with the metal press systems (due to the way the fitting must be made). The failure is generally due to incorrect pipe insertion depths on fittings.
Often installers are not marking the pipe up and, when working up high, do not get the right depth to pass the O-ring but, more importantly, where the crimp is made. So always make sure you follow the insertion depth given by the individual manufacturer, then use a permanent marker to ensure you cannot rub the mark off when getting it into place.
If the fitting moves during the press, then cut out the fitting and start again. Another alternative is to look at the MLC pipework system. It uses a similar pressing system (often, the guns you already have will work), but no marking up of the pipe is required because of how the fitting is constructed. This is thanks to having a joint window on the fitting sleeve.

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