Barn Converted To Events Venue Using Multipipe UnderFloor Heating

Tuffon Hall, an award-winning vineyard based in Essex, has converted one of their existing barns to be used as an events venue.

Seeking an environmentally friendly option to provide heating for the space, Multipipe manifolds and pipe was the obvious solution for installers Heat Different to connect a ground source heat pump to an underfloor heating installation.

The finished system was completed with polished concrete flow screed to create an energy-efficient system that will heat this venue for many years to come!

Products provided:

  • 2,400M MLC Pipe with clip system to floor insulation
  • 2 x 12 port stainless steel manifolds

Total floor area:

  • 333.63m²

Annual fuel savings:

  • £2,040 (compared to heating oil)

Check out the images:

Heatdifferent 2- TUFFON HALL - HALSTEAD
Heatdifferent 3- TUFFON HALL - HALSTEAD
Heatdifferent 4- TUFFON HALL - HALSTEAD