What kind of customer service do you want?

It’s been said that customer service can be any two out of good, cheap, and quick, but seldom all three.
– If it’s high quality and inexpensive, you may have to wait
– If it’s delivered fast and is inexpensive, you may have to accept lower quality
– If it’s delivered fast and is high quality, there’ll be a premium price
OK, that’s a little tongue in cheek but let’s see how it applies to the construction industry, and especially to plumbing and heating installers.
When you need to source products from a manufacturer or merchant with the right level of technical support and backup service, it could go like this:
Merchant – We can certainly supply those products within your budget. However, that budget doesn’t allow us to provide you with the very best on the market. What level of quality is important to you?
Merchant – We can get most of those products to you on that date. However, on such a tight timeline, we can only deliver part of your order as we have to order in the rest.
Multipipe – We hold plenty of stock, and we can get your order to you on time. As we only stock the highest quality, you’ll need to budget £xxxxx. Can your budget cover that?
What level of service works for you?