UFH and Kitchen Units

Underfloor Heating and Kitchen Units

At Multipipe, we believe that fitting underfloor heating in the kitchen and specifically under kitchen units can massively benefit the homeowner.

It’s a popular misconception that underfloor heating fitted under kitchen units will do damage to the kitchen itself or will even cause overheating of the items in the cupboards.

So, our reason for fitting UFH under kitchen units is that you are futureproofing it against changes. Typically, in the life span of the pipework, you might change your kitchen over five times in its life span!

You might even change the layout, which means you will get cold spots on your floor where existing kitchen units used to be. Also, (especially in older houses) where you
have a cool outer wall and no insulation between the floor and the wall you can get cold bridging. This term refers to where the cold air chills the wall to such an extent that it will creep onto the floor itself.

Cold floors meet warm air

Now, as you have no pipes under the unit, this will then continue to creep into the room itself resulting in a 100 to 200mm area where the floor is cold, which is not ideal next to kitchen sinks where you tend to stand. Lastly, we have had one incident in the past where mould has started to grow under the units. This incident is due to a cold and damp floor meeting the warm air of the underfloor heating.

Some people shy away from doing this because of the increased cost. Still, generally for the size of the kitchen units, the increasing cost is marginal and to add floor heating later into an unheated area is far more expensive.

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